Tres Palacios Gas Storage LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2008, Docket: RP08-424-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 20 Original Sheet No. 20







This Rate Schedule is available to any Customer for the

purchase of firm Gas storage service from TRES PALACIOS, provided



(a) TRES PALACIOS has determined that it has sufficient

operationally available and uncommitted firm storage capacity and

injection and withdrawal capacity to perform the service Customer

has requested;


(b) Customer and TRES PALACIOS have executed a Firm

Storage Service Agreement under this Rate Schedule;


(c) Customer accepts responsibility for arranging any

transportation service required for utilization of the storage

service provided under this Rate Schedule;


(d) Availability of service under this Rate

Schedule shall be subject to a determination by TRES PALACIOS that

its performance of the service requested hereunder shall not cause

a reduction in TRES PALACIOS' ability to provide Firm Storage

Services under currently effective Storage Service Agreements; and


(e) Service under this Rate Schedule may not be

available to the extent that TRES PALACIOS would be required to

construct, modify, expand or acquire any facilities to enable TRES

PALACIOS to perform the requested services.




This Rate Schedule shall apply to all firm storage service

rendered by TRES PALACIOS to Customer through use of TRES

PALACIOS' storage facility located in Texas pursuant to an

executed Firm Storage Service Agreement.


2.1 Firm Storage Service rendered to Customer under this

Rate Schedule shall consist of:


(a) Receipt on any Day of Customer's Gas per Customer's

nomination up to Customer's Maximum Daily Injection Quantity

("MDIQ") as stated in the executed Firm Storage Service Agreement,

plus Fuel Reimbursement at the Point(s) of Receipt and the

injection of Gas so received into storage, provided Customer's

Storage Inventory has not exceeded Customer's Maximum Storage



(b) The storage of Gas in amounts up to Customer's firm Maximum

Storage Quantity ("MSQ"); and