Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/07/2006, Docket: RP06-217-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 210 Original Sheet No. 210 : Effective



pursuant to the regulations and orders of the appropriate


authority, and Replacement Shipper has the right to protest such



3.2 Replacement Shipper must comply with Transporter's

creditworthiness and

credit appraisal provisions in section 28 of the GT&C prior to

being placed on

Transporter's approved list of eligible bidders for Released

Capacity. Failure

to maintain compliance will result in the removal of Replacement

Shipper from

the list of eligible bidders until such time as Replacement

Shipper is in

compliance with the requirements of these provisions. Further,


provided pursuant to an award of Released Capacity is subject to


under the terms of GT&C section 26, if Replacement Shipper fails

to meet the

requirements of section 26.


Article IV. Term


4.1 This Service Agreement is effective as of the first date

written above,

and will continue in effect for a period of ___ Year, and month

to month

thereafter until terminated. This Service Agreement may be

terminated by

Transporter or Replacement Shipper any time upon ten (10) Days

prior written

notice. However, termination will not relieve either party of the


to perform the terms of this Service Agreement as to any

transactions that

were commenced prior to termination.


Article V. Notices


5.1 Any formal notice request, or demand that either party gives

to the

other regarding this Service Agreement shall be delivered through

use of the

other party's interactive Internet Web Site. To the extent

Replacement Shipper

does not maintain an interactive Internet Web Site, notice may be

effected by

E-Mail or formal written notice to the address listed in section

17 of the



5.2 Nominations to schedule Transportation service hereunder

shall be

directed to Transporter's Gas Control Department through

Transporter's Web



5.3 Electronic transfer payments to Transporter shall be

accompanied with

the instructions "To Credit the Account of Trans-Union Interstate


L.P." and shall be sent to the following bank and account number:


(This section is to be completed indicating the Bank Name, Bank

Address and

Account Number)


5.4 Remittance detail supporting electronic transfer payments to


and any notice, request or demand regarding statements, bill or

payments shall

be mailed to the following address: