Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/07/2006, Docket: RP06-217-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 106 First Revised Sheet No. 106 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 106


1.37 "Receipt Point" is the point on Transporter's system at

Sharon, Louisiana, where quantities of Gas may be

received by Transporter from either Texas Gas

Transmission or Regency Intrastate Gas LLC, or both.


1.38 "Released Capacity" is capacity reserved under the

terms of an effective Firm Transportation Agreement

that a Releasing Shipper seeks to release, on either a

permanent or temporary basis.


1.39 "Releasing Shipper" or "Releasor" is a Shipper who

holds or acquires firm capacity rights and who elects

to release all or a part of such capacity.


1.40 "Replacement Shipper" is a Shipper who acquires all or

part of the rights to capacity held by a Releasing

Shipper under the terms of an effective Firm

Transportation Agreement, on either a permanent or

temporary basis.


1.41 "Reservation Charge" means the reservation charge

component of the rate applicable to firm transportation

service as specified in Transporter's Tariff and the

Firm Transportation Agreement between such Shipper and



1.42 "Scheduled Daily Delivery" means the quantity of Gas

which during any one day Shipper has nominated and

Transporter has confirmed for delivery.


1.43 "Scheduled Quantity" is the quantity of Gas a Shipper

nominates for receipt by Transporter at a Receipt Point

and for redelivery by Transporter for Shipper at a

Delivery Point, and that Transporter schedules for



1.44 "Shipper" means a Person who uses the services of

Transporter pursuant to the Tariff.


1.45 "System Capacity" is the quantitative ability of

Transporter's existing system to provide maximum Gas

transportation service. The ability of Transporter's

system to maintain Gas transportation service may be

limited by changes in prevailing operating pressures,

temperatures, Gas flow rates and Gas flow directions

within any portion(s) of Transporter's system,

including either Receipt Point or Delivery Point;

physical capacity limitations of regulators, valves,

pipelines or pipeline segments, measuring facilities or

appurtenances to Transporter's system; and necessary

testing, maintenance, repair, overhaul, alteration,

modification, replacement, enlargement, or construction

of pipelines, metering, regulating, and other

transmission facilities and equipment appurtenant to

Transporter's system.


1.46 "Tariff" means Transporter's FERC Gas Tariff, as

amended and approved from time to time by the