Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-08-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 32 Original Sheet No. 32







3.1 Unit Rates. The applicable maximum and minimum unit rates are set

forth in the currently effective Sheet No. 5 or Sheet No. 5A (as

applicable) of this FERC Gas Tariff and are hereby incorporated

herein. The applicable unit rates to be charged on any day by

Transporter for gas scheduled for Shipper shall not be in excess of

the maximum unit rate nor less than the minimum unit rate. The same

minimum and maximum rates are applicable whether the service

constitutes a Backhaul or otherwise.


3.2 Negotiated Rates. Notwithstanding any provision of Transporter's

Tariff to the contrary, Transporter and Shipper may mutually agree in

writing to a Negotiated Rate (including a Negotiated Rate Formula)

with respect to the rates, rate components, charges, or credits that

are otherwise prescribed, required, established, or imposed by this

Rate Schedule or by any other applicable provision of Transporter's



Such Negotiated Rate shall be set forth in Exhibit B to the

Interruptible Transportation Service Agreement and Transporter shall

make any filings with the Commission necessary to effectuate such

Negotiated Rate.


Shippers paying a Negotiated Rate which exceeds the maximum applicable

tariff rate shall be considered to be paying the maximum applicable

tariff rate for purposes of scheduling, curtailment, and interruption,

and calculating the economic value of a request for available or

unsubscribed capacity.


3.3 Monthly Bill. For Shippers executing a Transportation Service

Agreement pursuant to this IT Rate Schedule and beginning with the

Commencement Date and for each month thereafter, Transporter shall

charge and Shipper shall pay Transporter the sum of the following



(a) Delivery Charge: The applicable delivery rate multiplied by the

quantity of gas scheduled in the month (excluding Authorized Overrun

Quantities) at the Delivery Point(s); plus


(b) Authorized Overrun Charge: The applicable authorized overrun charge

per MMBtu multiplied by the Authorized Overrun Quantity scheduled for

Shipper for the month under this rate schedule; plus


(c) Imbalance Charges: The applicable imbalance charges assessed

pursuant to Section 6 of the General Terms and Conditions of this

Tariff; plus