Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP02-471-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 86A Original Sheet No. 86A : Effective









28.4 All Third Party Account Administrators (3PADS) wishing to provide

title transfer tracking services shall so notify the Transportation

Service Provider (TSP). All coordination between 3PADS and a TSP

should be performed under a contract between the parties. Where the

TSP is a Title Transfer Tracking Service Provider on its system,

tariff provisions (terms, conditions and rates) or general terms and

conditions of the TSP, may take the place of a contract.


28.5 Upon reasonable request of the Third Party Account Administrator

(3PAD), Transportation Service Providers should provide the 3PAD with

one of the following for conducting title transfer tracking (TTT)


1) location codes(s);

2) contract identifier(s) used in the exchange of transactional

data; or

3) both one and two above.


In any event TTT activity is always performed at or with respect to a

location (physical or logical).


28.6 All Title Transfer Tracking services should be performed under a

contract or other arrangement between the Account Holder and their

Title Transfer Tracking Service Provider.


28.7 A Transportation Service Provider (TSP) should communicate with any

Title Transfer Tracking Service Provider (TTTSP) that performs

according to the applicable contract between the TTTSP and the TSP,

and that operates in accordance with those NAESB standards applicable

to Title Transfer Tracking.


28.8 A Transportation Service Provider (TSP) may operate in a manner such

that allocated quantities will equal scheduled quantities for gas

quantities into and out of a Title Transfer Tracking Service Provider

(TTTSP) from or to a pool(s). If a TSP operates in such a manner,

then the TSP should not be required to accept Pre-determined

Allocations (PDAs) for those transactions nor separately provide, or

transmit, Allocated to parties to such transactions.


Where the allocated quantities with respect to TTTSP are different

than the scheduled quantities provided by the TSP to the TTTSP, for

the same period, then the TSP should provide to the TTTSP Allocations

(NAESB Standard No. 2.4.3) for the quantities into the TTTSP. In

addition, the TSP should either accept:

(a) Allocations from the TTTSP, or,

(b) PDAs from the TTTSP.


Such information should be delineated at the level of the nomination

line items provided by the TTTSP to the TSP for the purpose of

allocation quantities out of the TTTSP.