Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 07/01/2003, Docket: RP03-373-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 77 Third Revised Sheet No. 77 : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 77









26.8 Terms of Release.


(a) Capacity released and available for resale by Transporter under

this Section 26 shall consist of Shipper's Maximum Input Quantity

specified in Releasing Shipper's Notice at each Receipt Point

specified therein and Shipper's Maximum Equivalent Quantity

specified in such notice for each Delivery Point specified

therein. The sum of such Maximum Input Quantity for all such

Receipt Points, less the Measurement Variance Gas Quantity, shall

not exceed the sum of such Maximum Equivalent Quantity for all

such Delivery Points. The Shipper acquiring capacity released

under this Section 26 may use other Receipt Points and Delivery

Points as allowed under the FT Rate Schedule and Transportation

Service Agreement. Unless the Release is permanent and with no

rights of recall, the New Transportation Service Agreement may

not be amended to change Point(s) of Receipt or Point(s) of

Delivery without the written consent of Releasing Shipper.


(b) Transportation service provider should support the function of

reputting by releasing shippers.


(c) The Transportation Service Provider should support the ability for

the Releasing Shipper to specify, as a condition of a capacity

release offer, which recall notification period(s), as provided in

Section 22.3(a) [NAESB WGQ Standard No. 5.3.44], will be available

for use by the parties.


(d) The Transportation Provider should support the ability for the

Releasing shipper to specify, as a condition of a release, whether

the Releasing Shipper's recall notification must be provided

exclusively on a Business Day.


(e) Transporter may rely on such notification by the Releasing

Shipper, and Releasing Shipper shall indemnify Transporter and

hold it harmless for any liability or costs Transporter incurs as

a result of such reliance, and the Replacement Shippers affected

by such recall shall release Transporter and hold it harmless for

such reliance.