Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 01/20/2004, Docket: RP00-487-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 49 First Revised Sheet No. 49 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 49







6.8 Penalty Provisions Not Exclusive. Nothing in this Section 6

shall limit Transporter's right to take such action as may be

required to adjust deliveries or receipts in order to alleviate

conditions which threaten the integrity of its system, nor

prevent Transporter from exercising any other legal remedies

which may be available. In the event that Transporter

reasonably determines that Shipper's receipts or deliveries must

be adjusted in order to alleviate a threat to the integrity of

Transporter's system, and Shipper fails after reasonable notice

to implement the action prescribed by Transporter to alleviate

the threat to system integrity, then during a Critical Period

Transporter may assess a penalty equal to two times the maximum

IT Rate Schedule rate per MMBtu by which Shipper's receipts or

deliveries exceed the level specified by Transporter. This

penalty is in addition to all other remedies Transporter may






7.1 Receipt Points. Transporter shall make available to each

Shipper under the FT Rate Schedule one or more Primary Receipt

Points, the exact number and location to be determined by mutual

Agreement between Transporter and Shipper. The Primary Receipt

Point(s) at which Transporter will accept gas from Shipper or

for Shipper's account shall be those set forth in the

Transportation Service Agreement between Transporter and

Shipper. The Transportation Service Agreement shall also set

forth the Maximum Input Quantity and minimum receipt pressures

applicable to each such Primary Receipt Point. Subject to the

availability of capacity, all other receipt points shall be

available as Alternate Receipt Point(s) provided that the sum of

all Input Quantities at all primary and alternate Receipt Points

shall not exceed Shipper's Maximum Transportation Quantity

adjusted for the Measurement Variance Gas Quantity. In the

event that nominations by FT Rate Schedule Shippers for receipts

at an Alternate Receipt Point exceed the capacity available at

that Receipt Point, the available capacity shall be allocated

pro rata on the basis of the portion of each Shipper's Maximum

Transportation Quantity that has not been scheduled for receipt

at other points. Subject to the availability of capacity, all

Receipt Points shall then be available to Shippers under the IT

Rate Schedule.


7.2 Additions and Deletions of Primary Receipt Points. The

Transportation Service Agreement between Transporter and Shipper

may be revised from time to time in order to reflect additions

or deletions of Primary Receipt Points or changes in the Maximum

Input Quantities or minimum receipt pressures applicable to such