Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/1995, Docket: CP93-685-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 41 Original Sheet No. 41 : Effective






(ii) the filing of an involuntary petition in bankruptcy

under 11 U.S.C. 303;


(iii) the entry of an order for relief under Title 11, United

States Code;


(iv) the filing, by the Shipper, of any pleading before a

court of competent jurisdiction seeking the arrangement,

adjustment, or composition of the Shipper's debts, including

an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or, in the

alternative, the publication by the Shipper of a request for

the composition of its debts or the assignment of its assets

for the benefit of its creditors;


(v) the involuntary or voluntary appointment of a receiver,

liquidator, assignee, or trustee for all or any substantial

part of the Shipper's assets by a court of competent

jurisdiction, or the sequestration of all or any substantial

portion of the Shipper's assets (notwithstanding the

foregoing, this subsection (v) shall not be operative unless

the order or decree continues in effect, unstayed, for a

period of 20 consecutive days); or


(vi) the filing of any pleading before a court of competent

jurisdiction seeking the dissolution of the Shipper or the

winding-up of its affairs or its liquidation.


3.7 Validation of Service Request. Transporter shall evaluate the

information offered in support of a request for service to determine

whether there is adequate capacity to fulfill the request for service

(in the case of requests for service under the FT Rate Schedule) and

that the request for service is compatible with the operating

conditions on Transporter's system. After validation of the

information submitted by Shipper in support of a request for service,

Transporter shall enter Shipper's request in Transporter's log, as

required by Section 284.13 of the Commission's Regulations.


3.8 Transportation Service Agreement to be Executed. Within 30 days

after Transporter accepts and validates a completed request for

service under Section 3.7 above, Transporter shall tender to Shipper

a Transportation Service Agreement. In the event the Transportation

Service Agreement is not executed by Shipper and returned within 30

days after Transporter tenders such contract to Shipper, Shipper's

request for transportation shall be null and void.