Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/10/2009, Docket: RP09-156-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 174 Second Revised Sheet No. 174

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 174





D. Bid Evaluation: Transporter will evaluate and rank all bids in all situations in accordance with the

evaluation methodology specified by the Releasing Shipper in the offer to release capacity. Such

timely bid, if determined to be valid, should be evaluated by Transporter for the purpose of

identifying the winning bidder associated with the offer upon which the bid was made. The evaluation

period will end in accordance with Section 30.4.


E. Award Posting:


1. Transporter will communicate the award of released capacity and will issue the contract in

accordance with Section 30.4; provided however, in the event of a non-biddable pre-arranged deal,

then Transporter will post the award of released capacity.


2. Transporter shall post the award regarding each transaction on its Internet Website for a period

of seven (7) days. Irrespective of when the notice of completed transaction is posted, service

shall commence once capacity has been awarded and a Service Agreement has been executed by both



30.6 Procedure for a Pre-Arranged Deal


When capacity is released under a pre-arranged deal, the posting and bidding procedure set forth in this

Section shall apply and the terms of such deal shall be posted on Transporter's Internet Website as soon

as possible, but not later than the first nomination, after the release transaction commences. In

addition, Transporter will provide a copy of the pre-arranged deal to any requesting party within one

business day.


A. Procedures for Pre-Arranged Deals Not Subject to Bid


There shall be no posting and bidding procedures for the following non-biddable pre-arranged deals:

(1) releases to an asset manager, as defined by FERC regulations at 18 C.F.R. 284.8, (2) releases to

a marketer participating in a state-regulated retail access program as defined by FERC regulations at

18 C.F.R. 284.8,(3) releases for more than one year at the maximum rate, or (4) releases with terms

of thirty-one (31) days or less, unless Releasing Shipper provides otherwise: The award posting and

time lines for a non-biddable pre-arranged deal shall be according to the following guidelines.


Timely Cycle

- posting of prearranged deals not subject to bid are due by 10:30 A.M. (Central Clock Time)


Evening Cycle

- posting of prearranged deals not subject to bid are due by 5:00 P.M. (Central Clock Time)


Intraday 1 Cycle

- posting of prearranged deals not subject to bid are due by 9:00 A.M. (Central Clock Time)


Intraday 2 Cycle

- posting of prearranged deals not subject to bid are due by 4:00 P.M. (Central Clock Time)


The Pre-arranged Shipper must submit a confirmation bid. The contract will be issued within one hour

of award posting (with a new contract number, when applicable) and nomination will be possible

beginning at the next available nomination cycle for the effective date of the contract.