Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2004, Docket: RP05- 14-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 126 Original Sheet No. 126 : Effective








18.1 Transporter will maintain, at all times, an Internet Website

on which Transporter will make available, the following data

concerning available capacity and the borrowing/ purchasing of



A) With regard to Available Capacity:


1) For unsubscribed capacity:


i) Whether the available capacity is firm or


ii) the locations at which capacity is


iii) the amount of capacity available at each


iv) that the capacity is unsubscribed,

v) the name of the person to contact, and

vi) the applicable maximum rate.


2) For capacity released by a firm shipper, the notices

and information required by section 30 of these

General Terms and Conditions and the contracting procedures

required under Section 18.6.C of these General Terms and



B) With regard to a Shipper's Request to Purchase Supplies:


If a Shipper desires to purchase supplies from a third

party, then Transporter shall post, at Shipper's request, on

Transporter's Internet Website:


1) Shipper's request to purchase,

2) the point(s) of proposed purchase,

3) the quantity requested,

4) the name of the Shipper's representative to contact,


5) any other information as Shipper may deem necessary.



C) With regard to offers to assume or purchase capacity, the prospective Shipper will

provide the following information:


1) Whether the capacity requested is firm or interruptible,

2) the locations at which capacity is requested,

3) the amount of capacity requested at each location,

4) the term requested for capacity, and

5) the name of the person to contact.