Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/12/2009, Docket: RP09-763-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 476 First Revised Sheet No. 476

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 476







52.1 Definition


(a) In order to alleviate operating conditions which may threaten the integrity of

Seller's pipeline system, it may be necessary for Seller to issue Operational

Flow Orders (OFOs) to effectuate adjustments in Buyer's daily receipts or

deliveries over a reasonable period of time to maintain a current or cumulative

balance between Buyer's receipts and deliveries in accordance with the terms of

Seller's transportation Rate Schedules (Imbalance OFO), or to ensure that gas

quantities are received and delivered by Buyer where scheduled (Scheduling OFO).

Before issuing an OFO, Seller will attempt to remedy those operating conditions

through requests for voluntary action provided, however, exigent circumstances

may exist which require immediate issuance of an OFO.


(b) Upon issuance of an OFO by Seller to Buyer, Buyer shall adjust its gas receipts

or deliveries as directed. Failure to comply with an OFO may result in an

unauthorized OFO imbalance and cause Buyer to incur OFO penalties.


52.2 Circumstances Giving Rise to an OFO


Circumstances under which Seller may determine that an OFO must be issued include, but

are not limited to:


(a) Responding to an event of force majeure;


(b) Accommodating capacity limitations resulting from the need to perform maintenance

and/or repairs;


(c) Ensuring current and future storage capabilities and maintenance of line pack;


(d) Maintaining operational pressures and adequate gas supplies required to provide

an efficient and reliable firm service;


(e) Responding to any event which Seller believes in its sole judgement may

jeopardize the integrity of its system.


52.3 OFO Notice, Contents, and Procedures


Seller may issue an OFO upon notice to Buyer, which notice shall be given at least 24

hours in advance, unless exigent circumstances dictate otherwise. Each OFO will

contain the following provisions:


(a) time and date of issuance;


(b) time that the OFO is considered to be effective (if no time is specified, the OFO

shall be effective immediately);


(c) duration of the OFO (if none is specified, the OFO will be effective until

further notice);


(d) a description of the area of Seller's pipeline system in which the OFO is in



(e) the specific actions required to comply with the OFO including the time frame

within which compliance is required before penalties are incurred;


(f) any other terms Seller may reasonably require to ensure the effectiveness of the

OFO, and


(g) Seller will publish all notices of implementation of an OFO and all provisions of

an OFO on 1Line as expeditiously as possible.