Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/22/2009, Docket: RP09-245-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 461 First Revised Sheet No. 461

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 461







42. CAPACITY RELEASE (Continued)


42.14 Permanent Releases (Continued)


(a) Buyer's capacity was not acquired under temporary capacity release pursuant to

this Section 42;


(b) the Replacement Buyer executes a new Service Agreement under the applicable

Rate Schedule pursuant to Part 284 of the regulations of the FERC that is

subject to pre-granted abandonment;


(c) the Replacement Buyer agrees to pay the maximum rates for service thereunder

(unless otherwise agreed to by Seller) and accepts all obligations of the

Releasing Buyer;


(d) the Commission provides any necessary abandonment authorization for the service

subject to such permanent release on or before the effective date thereof; and


(e) the Replacement Buyer meets the credit worthiness requirements contained in

Section 32 of the General Terms and Conditions of Seller's Volume No. 1 Tariff.


42.15 Treatment of Storage Inventory


A Releasing Shipper's capacity release notice may include terms and conditions

concerning the sale and/or repurchase of gas in storage inventory both within and

outside the context of an asset management arrangement. The release of storage

capacity (or recall or termination thereof) requires the Releasing or Replacement

Shipper, as applicable, to have withdrawn or transferred any storage inventory balance

related to such release capacity by the effective date of such release, recall or

termination. A transfer of storage inventory may be concurrent with a release of

storage capacity (or recall or termination thereof). If the Releasing or Replacement

Shipper, as applicable, fails to eliminate any remaining storage inventory balance

related to released storage capacity, such remaining balance shall be retained by






43.1 In the event that conditions exist which threaten the operational integrity of

Seller's system, Seller as Transporter ("Transporter") shall be permitted to buy

and/or sell gas at mutually agreeable locations on Seller's system.


43.2 Transporter shall post its need to buy or sell gas on 1Line. Included in such posting

shall be:


(a) the quantity of gas to be purchased or sold by Transporter;


(b) any minimum quantity for bidding;


(c) the date and time when all bids shall be due;


(d) the date(s) when the gas shall be purchased or sold;


(e) any minimum or maximum daily quantity to be purchased or sold;


(f) the point where the gas will be purchased or sold; and


(g) the criteria to be used by Transporter in evaluating and selecting bids.