Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2008, Docket: RP09-158-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 352 Original Sheet No. 352








Seller shall deliver natural gas to Buyer at Seller's line pressure at the point or points of delivery

designated in the service agreement, but the maximum and minimum pressures may be as agreed upon by Buyer

and Seller in the service agreement. The minimum pressure shall be not less than fifty (50) pounds per

square inch gauge except as provided under the LG-S rate schedule.




13.1 Pro Rata Curtailment

In the event Seller is unable to deliver the total quantity of gas that Buyer has scheduled under

Rate Schedule NS (firm only) on any day due to any reason, then Seller, upon providing notice,

shall order curtailment of Buyer. During such period of curtailment, Buyer shall be entitled to

its ratable share of the flowing gas deliverability from supplies contracted to Seller (including

any storage deliverability available to Seller) based on Buyer's Daily Sales Entitlement under Rate

Schedule NS (firm only) as a percentage of Seller's total daily firm sales obligations under Rate

Schedule NS (firm only). Any pro rata curtailment shall, however, be subject to the priorities set

forth in Section 13.2 hereof regarding Sections 401 and 402 of the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978

("NGPA") and 18 C.F.R. Section 281.201, et seq., of the Commission's Regulations, as may be amended

from time to time, and to the emergency relief provision set forth in Section 13.3 hereof.


13.2 Priority Use Curtailment

(a) Any Buyer which requires other than pro rata curtailment under Section 13.1 for purposes of

protection of priority use requirements shall file a request with Seller, with a copy to the

Commission, requesting a determination that the service(s) for which it seeks protection

qualifies under one of the following priority categories identified in Sections 401 and 402

of the NGPA. As a part of its request, Buyer shall certify to Seller by affidavit:


(1) the existence and total peak day requirements of end users in each of the following

priority categories: (i) residential uses, small commercial uses (less than 50 dt on a

peak day) and natural gas use in any school, hospital or similar institution; (ii)

essential agricultural uses; and (iii) large commercial requirements (50 dt or more on

peak day) and firm industrial requirements for plant protection, process or feedstock


(2) Buyer's total peak day entitlements from all sources other than through Seller's


(3) the volumes from Buyer's Daily Sales Entitlement under Rate Schedule NS (firm only)

required from Seller to meet each of the priorities listed in this section;

(4) as to any industrial requirements claimed, that use of an alternative fuel is not

economically practicable or is not available; and

(5) that relief is necessary for Buyer to avert the curtailment of end-uses eligible for

priority under this section. Relief from pro rata curtailment shall be available

under this section to Buyers under Rate Schedule NS (firm only) to the extent such

Buyer has demonstrated priority relief requirements under the foregoing certification



(b) A Buyer's priority relief entitlements from Seller shall be the volume determined by

multiplying such Buyer's requirements in each of the priorities in Section 13.2(a) by a

fraction the numerator of which is the Buyer's Daily Sales Entitlement under Rate Schedule

NS (firm only) and the denominator of which is the Buyer's total peak day entitlements under

Rate Schedule NS (firm only) and from all sources other than through Seller's facilities.

If the quantity of NS (firm only) gas available for any priority category is inadequate to

meet the priority relief requirements of those Buyers entitled to relief in such priority

category, then the quantity of NS (firm only) gas to be assigned to each Buyer in such

category shall be its prorated share based on the ratio of the Buyer's priority relief

requirements in that category to the total requirements of all Buyers in such category. In

no event, however, shall the protection by the provisions hereof result in volumes delivered

to Buyer in excess of its Daily Sales Entitlement.