Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2008, Docket: RP09-158-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 267 Original Sheet No. 267









4.1 Transportation service under this Rate Schedule shall consist of: (a) the receipt of

gas on behalf of Buyer up to Buyer's TCQ quantity (plus fuel retained pursuant to the

provisions of Section 3.4 hereof and injection fuel under Seller's Rate Schedule GSS,

if applicable) at (i) the point(s) of receipt specified in the executed service

agreement or (ii) at secondary point(s) of receipt pursuant to Section 2.8 hereof;

(b) the transportation of gas through Seller's pipeline; (c) the delivery of

equivalent quantities (dts) of natural gas (less fuel retained pursuant to provisions

of Section 3.4 hereof) by Seller to Buyer, or for Buyer's account, at (i) the point(s)

of delivery specified in the executed service agreement, or (ii) secondary delivery

points pursuant to Section 2.8 of this Rate Schedule.


4.2 Buyer shall make any necessary arrangements with other parties so as to be able to

deliver gas to Seller at the point(s) of receipt and receive gas at the point(s) of

delivery where Seller delivers gas after transportation; provided, however, that such

arrangements shall be compatible with the operating conditions of Seller's pipeline

system and shall provide for coordinated scheduling with Seller. Buyer shall deliver,

or cause to be delivered to Seller the scheduled daily quantities hereunder as nearly

as possible at uniform hourly rates.


4.3 Seller's ability to receive gas under this Rate Schedule at specific point(s) of

receipt is subject to the operating limitations of Seller and the upstream party at

such point(s) and to the availability of capacity after performance by Seller of any

existing certificated firm service arrangements under other Rate Schedules between

Seller and third parties at such point(s) of receipt. If an allocation of capacity at

a point of receipt is required by Seller, Seller shall prorate quantities scheduled at

that point among all Buyers under this Rate Schedule requesting service on that day

based upon the relative priority of scheduled quantities at the specific point(s) of

receipt on Seller's pipeline system. Quantities scheduled from secondary receipt

points pursuant to Section 2.8 hereof, which such quantities shall be interrupted

first under this Rate Schedule, will be reduced prorata based upon the requested

quantities. All other quantities scheduled hereunder will be reduced based upon

relative TCQ quantities on that segment of Seller's pipeline system.