Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 5600 Original Sheet No. 5600 TEXAS GAS TRANSMISSION, LLC ELECTRONIC CUSTOMER INTERFACE AGREEMENT Texas Gas Transmission, LLC (Texas Gas) has developed an interactive website (website)pursuant to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) regulations and the North AmericanEnergy Standards Board's (NAESB) standards to facilitate access to and provide informationconcerning transportation services on its pipeline system as well as provide certain interactivefunctions relating to transportation services on Texas Gas. Texas Gas shall provide____________(hereinafter referred to as ECI Customer) with Usernames and temporary passwords to beassigned to ECI Customer's authorized employees to access the website, and in considerationtherefore, ECI Customer agrees its use of the website shall be subject to the following terms andconditions:1. Texas Gas agrees that upon receipt of ECI Customer's executed Security Administrator Form,in which ECI Customer designates its Security Administrator (Administrator), Texas Gas will assigna Username and temporary password to Administrator. Administrator may request additional Usernamesand temporary passwords from Texas Gas for use by ECI Customer's authorized employees via thewebsite. Usernames of any employee terminated from employment with ECI Customer or who isotherwise no longer authorized to access the website on behalf of ECI Customer should be expiredvia the website immediately. ECI Customer agrees to immediately notify Texas Gas upon any changeof the Administrator via the completion and remittance of a new ECI Security Administrator Form.2. Texas Gas agrees that it will recognize the appointment of an agent by ECI Customer toaccess and perform functions on the website on ECI Customer's behalf (Agent). However, Texas Gasshall only recognize such appointment when all the following conditions have been met: Texas Gasis notified of Agent's appointment, Agent submits an executed Security Administrator Formspecifying its Administrator with Texas Gas, and Agent enters into an ECI Agreement with TexasGas. Thereafter, Agent will be treated as an ECI Customer as described herein. ECI Customer maycancel the appointment of an Agent and name a successor Agent via the website. ECI Customerrepresents and acknowledges that any Agent it appoints has legal authority to act on behalf of theECI Customer in performing any functions for which the Agent is authorized, and that Texas Gas isfully entitled to rely upon, and is fully protected in relying upon and acting in accordance with,such representation and acknowledgment. 3. Texas Gas and ECI Customer agree that security is a priority. Texas Gas, therefore, reserves the right to terminate any ECI Customer's Username which has been inactive for more than ninety (90) calendar days. Texas Gas further reserves the right to invalidate ECI Customer's Username if ECI Customer breaches any term of this ECI Agreement and such breach threatens the viable operation of the website, or if Texas Gas terminates the website or ECI Agreement as provided herein. Such invalidation shall only be implemented following ten (10) days' prior notice to ECI Customer by Texas Gas of such intended action and the reason therefore to provide ECI Customer a reasonable time to reform or correct conduct which has resulted in a breach of this ECI Agreement; however, if the conduct results in a serious breach which may immediately jeopardize the security, confidentiality, or viable operation of website, Texas Gas reserves the right to immediately invalidate ECI Customer's Username.