Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 5501 Original Sheet No. 5501 FORM OF OPERATIONAL BALANCING AGREEMENT (Continued)(4) Estimated operating quantities shall be used on a daily basis, during the currentmonth, to determine the estimated Operational Imbalance at the Interconnection Point(s), withphysical flow adjustments to be made during the current month as mutually agreed to by bothParties to adequately control and minimize imbalance levels.(5) In the event that a capacity constraint occurs on either Parties' pipeline systemwhich results in curtailment of gas quantities through an Interconnection Point, the Party onwhose system the constraint has occurred shall determine the reallocation of quantities toits transportation customers. Such change in allocation shall be confirmed in writingpursuant to the provisions of Paragraph (1) above. If the constraint occurs at the Interconnection Point, the Party which operates the meter at such Interconnection Point shall bedeemed to have the constraint on its system.(6) All gas quantities hereunder shall be reported in MMBtus which shall be determinedby multiplying each Mcf of gas received and delivered by the dry heating value thereof. Measurement of gas for all purposes hereunder shall be in accordance with the provisions setforth in the respective Parties' then effective FERC Gas Tariff.(7) This Agreement shall be effective ___________________ and shall continue untilcancelled by either Party upon ten (10) days written notice, with any remaining OperationalImbalance cashed-out pursuant to the terms and conditions of Texas Gas' FERC Gas Tariff. Anyoperational imbalance existing shall be corrected within thirty (30) days after the finalOperational Imbalance is agreed to in writing by the Parties, or within such longer period oftime as may be mutually agreed to by the Parties.(8) (The Other Party) must first meet Texas Gas' credit standards contained in Section 5of the General Terms and Conditions of Texas Gas' FERC Gas Tariff prior to Texas Gas' agreement to enter into this Operational Balancing Agreement.(9) The General Terms and Conditions of Second Revised Volume No. 1 of Texas Gas' Tariffare hereby incorporated by reference. The Parties' signatures below will evidence their agreement to this OperationalBalancing Agreement. ______________________________ TEXAS GAS TRANSMISSION, LLC By ___________________________ By _______________________________Accepted and agreed to this ____ day of _____________, ____.