Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-003, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 3001 Substitute Original Sheet No. 3001



Section 18




(iii) Texas Gas will post to its Internet Website its intention to place an

OFO into effect and notify the affected customer(s) at least 24 hours

prior to the implementation of the OFO; provided, however, that a

shorter notice period may be given where action must be taken to

protect the integrity of the system. Such notice and posting shall

(i) identify the parties subject to the OFO, (ii) the time the OFO

will become effective, (iii) the estimated duration of the OFO (or, if

unknown, that the OFO is indefinite) and justification for the OFO

(i.e., the triggering tariff provision which is the basis for the

OFO). Where an OFO is issued pursuant to Section 18 (n) or made

effective on less than 24 hours notice, Texas Gas will also provide

the Commission with a detailed explanation with all relevant

information specific to the individual situation to justify issuance

of that particular OFO. Texas Gas will provide direct notice of such

OFO(s) using internet e-mail or direct notification to the Customer's

URL address consistent with Order No. 587-G, as well as by posting on

Texas Gas' Internet Website and by fax or autofax, if requested by

Customer. In order to update Customers as to the status of an OFO,

Texas Gas will also post, as available, information about the status

of operational variable(s) that determine when an OFO will begin and

end. Texas Gas will also post information on the factors that caused

the OFO to be issued and then lifted.


Furthermore, Texas Gas shall employ whatever means necessary to ensure that

Customers receive notification of these events when Texas Gas is aware that

previous notification has failed for some reason, and failure to do so will

constitute a waiver of any penalties associated with Customer's non-

compliance with an OFO. Customers, however, must report to Texas Gas the

status of their notification systems and cooperate with Texas Gas in

restoring electronic notification service at the earliest practical time.

Customers must also provide Texas Gas with Customer's designated contact

person and emergency and after hours telephone numbers with updates as

necessary so that notifications can be achieved. Failure on the part of

Customers to fix the problem with their system or of not supplying other

means to communicate nor updating information shall subject shipper to

penalties for failure to comply with an OFO.


(b) Texas Gas will notify the NNS, NNL, SGT, or SGL customer within 4

hours after the conclusion of each gas day if he has exceeded his

Unnominated Daily Quantity.


Following the first day a customer exceeds his Unnominated Daily Quantity,

Texas Gas may issue an OFO informing the NNS, NNL, SGT, or SGL customer

that more than two consecutive days use of the customer's Excess

Unnominated Daily Quantity (i.e., allowable 10% cushion) may put the

customer in a penalty situation. After two consecutive days of exceeding

the Unnominated Daily Quantity, the NNS, NNL, SGT, or SGL customer may be

required to inject additional supply and/or reduce his city-gate

deliveries to prevent the customer from exceeding his Unnominated Daily

Quantity for additional consecutive days or enter the penalty situation.