Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 2815 Original Sheet No. 2815 GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Section 16 (Cont'd) (iii) A potential Replacement Customer must complete in the bid format on the Internet Website the items necessary to submit a complete request for transportation. (d) Potential Replacement Customers may expedite the processing time for a release of firm capacity for any term by using the procedures set forth in Section (c)(i)-(iii) above to meet the conditions listed in Section (b)(i)-(ii) above. (e) The Releasing Customer's transportation service agreement with Pipeline will remain in full force and effect (unless capacity is released on a permanent basis) with Releasing Customer receiving a credit, as described in Section 16.6 herein, against the demand charges owed to Pipeline. Furthermore, any increase in Pipeline's rates, charges, and surcharges shall remain the responsibility of the Releasing Customer; provided, however, that the Releasing Customer may provide in its Release Notice that the rates, charges, or surcharges for released capacity will increase in accordance with any such increases in Pipeline's rates, charges, and surcharges. However, the Releasing Customer's nomination rights under its service agreements will be reduced by the amount of any capacity released by that releasing customer on a temporary basis under this Section 16, during the time period such release(s) are in effect. (f) Once a transportation service agreement is executed by the Replacement Customer, Replacement Customers must comply with all of Pipeline's tariff and contract provisions applicable to the service rendered, including those applicable to the cash-out of imbalances created under a transportation service agreement. (g) Replacement Customers may request, as a primary receipt or delivery point(s), a point(s) other than those contained in the Releasing Customer's service agreement; however, a receipt or delivery point(s) will only be scheduled and curtailed on a primary basis, if at the time the Replacement customer requests such point(s), such point(s) is not fully subscribed on a primary basis. If such point(s) is fully subscribed on a primary basis, it will be scheduled and curtailed on a secondary basis. Such changes in primary receipt or delivery points will have no effect on the Releasing Customer's service agreement. (h) Replacement Customers may not request an amendment to its transportation service agreement which would act to change a term or condition of the "winning" bid submitted by the Replacement Customer, such that the Replacement Customer's bid, altered by such change, would no longer be judged to be the "best bid," or a match of the "best bid."