Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 2813 Original Sheet No. 2813 GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Section 16 (Cont'd) (iii) Bids may be submitted in writing or through EDM to Pipeline. All bids submitted in writing will be posted to Pipeline's Internet Website, upon receipt unless Releasing Customer requests otherwise and such request comports with the standard timeline set forth in Section 16.4(d)(i). However, bids posted will not identify the particular party submitting the bid but will identify the bid by a Bid ID number (which will change with each new bid submitted). All bids must be submitted by the deadline specified in the Capacity Release Notice, or such bids will be rejected. (iv) Bids may be withdrawn before the expiration of the bidding deadline. Once a bidder has withdrawn its bid, a new bid may be resubmitted for that released capacity but such bid cannot yield a lower value, as determined under the applicable methodology, than the earlier bid that has been withdrawn. (v) A party may submit multiple simultaneous bids on the capacity offered pursuant to a capacity release notice, as long as such multiple bids are (1) identified to be applicable to a different portion of the capacity offered to be released pursuant to that capacity release notice; or (2) judged to be of identical value under the applicable "best bid" methodology. (e) Award of Capacity Offered for Release (i) After the "best bid" is chosen, Pipeline will post the name of the winning bidder to the Internet Website, as well as the bid I.D. number, and capacity release notice I.D. number. Pipeline, as soon as possible, will also contact by telephone the Releasing Customer to inform it of the identity of the "best bidder" and allow it, if necessary, to provide the terms and conditions of the "best bid" to a Prearranged Replacement Customer. Pipeline will also contact by telephone the "best bidder" to notify it of the identity of the Releasing Customer. (ii) Within at least two business days of the commencement of transportation pursuant to a release of capacity, Pipeline will post on its Internet Website either the name of the "best bidder" and the terms and conditions of the best bid, or if applicable, the name of the Prearranged Replacement Customer which matched a "best bid" and the terms and conditions of the bid that was matched.