Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-003, Status: Superseded

Substitute Original Sheet No. 2700 Substitute Original Sheet No. 2700



Section 15



15. Billing and Payment


15.1 Monthly invoice date: Texas Gas shall render invoices on or before the ninth

(9th) business day of each month for all gas delivered and gas service furnished

during the preceding month, including a monthly cash-out and imbalance statements,

according to the measurement, computations, and charges provided in this tariff.

For purposes of delivery of invoices via the Texas Gas Internet Website, render

shall mean time-stamped.


15.2 Delivery Method: The default delivery method for the Texas Gas Customer invoice

package is the Texas Gas internet website. Such Customers will receive e-mail

notification when monthly invoices are finalized for payment review. Customer may

request one of the following alternate delivery methods if they cannot use an on-

line invoice for payment purposes: (1) mail via the U.S. Post Office to the

address provided by the Customer; (2) mail via overnight delivery at the

Customer's expense; or (3) delivery via EDI to a designated site. If Customer

elects an alternate delivery method, it will remain in effect until changed by

Customer; provided, however, that Customer shall not change its delivery method

more often than once in any twelve month period.


15.3 Customer's information: When information necessary for Texas Gas' billing

purposes is in the control of Customer, Customer shall furnish or cause to be

furnished such information to Texas Gas on or before the fifth (5th) calendar day

of each month.


15.4 Right of examination: Both Texas Gas and Customer shall have the right to examine

at any reasonable time the books, records, and charts of the other to the extent

necessary to verify the accuracy of any statement, chart, or computation made

under or pursuant to the provisions of this tariff.


15.5 Payment method and due date: Customer shall make payment to Texas Gas by

electronic funds transfer to a depository designated by Texas Gas, unless

Customer, whose total monthly invoices are less than $100,000, elects to make

payment by check. All payments are due ten (10) calendar days after the invoice

is rendered except when such day is a Saturday, Sunday, or bank holiday, in which

case payment is due the following business day. Payment shall be made for

invoices rendered pursuant to Section 15.1. Customer making payment should submit

supporting documentation; Texas Gas should apply payment per supporting

documentation provided by the paying party, and if payment differs from invoice

amount, remittance detail should be provided with the payment, except when payment

is made by electronic funds transfer (EFT), in which case the remittance detail is

due within two Business Days of the payment due date. If invoice is in dispute,

Customer shall pay portion not in dispute and provide documentation identifying

basis for the dispute.


15.6 Penalty for late payment: Should Customer fail to pay all or a portion of any

invoice when such amount is due, as herein provided, Customer shall pay Texas Gas

interest. Interest on the unpaid portion of the invoice shall be computed by

multiplying (a) the unpaid portion of the invoice by (b) the ratio of the number

of days from the due date to the date of actual payment to 365, by (c) the

interest rate calculated in accordance with Section 154.67(c) of the Commission's

Regulations. The interest charge provided for by this Section 15.6 shall be

compounded monthly.