Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 2408 Original Sheet No. 2408 GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Section 12 (Cont'd) 12.13 Curtailment of Pipeline Capacity and Curtailment of Gas Supply Shortage Among Services (a) If, as the result of capacity constraints or any other reason set forth in this Section 12.13, Texas Gas is required to curtail or interrupt service, then Texas Gas shall allocate such reduced available capacity in accordance with Sections 12.10, 12.11, and 12.12 herein. (b) The full curtailment or interruption of the lower category quantities is required before curtailment or interruption of any higher category quantity is commenced, during a particular period of daily interruption, i.e., services pursuant to Section 12.11(d) are required to be fully curtailed first, then service pursuant to Section 12.11(c), then service pursuant to Section 12.11(b), and so on. (c) Localized Curtailment or Interruption: Where ability to render service is impaired in a particular segment of Texas Gas' system, then curtailment or interruption of service shall be effected in accordance with the above- listed priorities of service only in that segment of Texas Gas' system in which service is impaired. (d) If, as the result of gas supply shortage curtailment or interruption of service is required, Texas Gas shall allocate gas quantities received pursuant to the successive PDA(s) in effect at the receipt points where such gas supply shortage occurs in accordance with Section 13.1. (e) For Transportation Service requested to commence where insufficient capacity exists to provide such requested service, Texas Gas shall interrupt Customers in a lower category of service in order to provide the requested service to customers in a higher category of service pursuant to Sections 12.10, 12.11, and 12.12 herein, except during the Intra-Day Nomination Processing Cycle No. 2. However, Texas Gas shall not be required to interrupt service to customers within the same category of service. (f) Relief from Capacity Curtailments in Emergency Situations: Texas Gas shall adjust curtailments made pursuant to the foregoing provisions to the extent necessary to respond to emergency situations (including environmental emergencies) during periods of capacity curtailments. An emergency situation exists when irreparable injury to life or property may occur if natural gas is not delivered to customer. Emergency exemption from curtailment procedures or orders under this Section 13.2 may be requested by a Customer when supplemental deliveries are required to forestall irreparable injury to life or property, and if such customer, to the extent feasible, has arranged to use all alternate sources of supply and capacity available for the period involved. Such requests shall be submitted by the Customer to Texas Gas by either telephone or fax and confirmed in writing with an affidavit attesting to the emergency within five (5) working days of the request.