Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/04/2010, Docket: RP10-360-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 2400 First Revised Sheet No. 2400

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 2400



Section 12



12. Nominations, Confirmations, Scheduling and Curtailment of Services


12.1 Customer will deliver or cause to be delivered quantities of natural gas to Texas

Gas for transportation at the Point(s) of Receipt specified in the Transportation

Service Agreement on any day and Texas Gas will redeliver natural gas either

directly to Customer or for the account of Customer at the Point(s) of Delivery,

less any quantity of natural gas used by Texas Gas in providing transportation

service hereunder.


12.2 Upon request of Texas Gas, Customer shall from time to time submit estimates of

the daily, monthly, and annual quantities of gas to be transported, including peak

day requirements, together with the estimated amounts thereof applicable to each

point of receipt and each point of delivery and such other operating data as Texas

Gas may require in order to plan its operations, to meet its Customer's

requirements, and to render adequate service to its customers.


12.3 General Nomination Procedures


(a) Customers transporting under any of Texas Gas' Rate Schedules shall,

except to the extent excused by such Rate Schedules, furnish or cause to

be furnished to Texas Gas a nomination of the daily quantity(ies) of gas

it desires to be received, transported, and redelivered for the nomination

period, and any fuel, company use and unaccounted for quantities nominated

pursuant to Section 9.2 of the General Terms and Conditions of Texas Gas'

FERC Gas Tariff. Such nomination shall reflect the quantity of gas to be

received, and the quantity of gas to be delivered for each Point of

Receipt and corresponding Point of Delivery (Point to Point/Pathed

Nomination). The total of such nominated quantity(ies) to be transported

on Texas Gas' system shall not exceed the Contract Demand unless an

Overrun Nomination is submitted and approved by Texas Gas. In addition,

Customer agrees to provide Texas Gas any information as legally required

by the Commission under any of its rules or regulations, and that such

information is true and correct to the best of Customer's knowledge.



(b) Customer shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Texas Gas such daily

quantities as nearly as possible at uniform hourly rates, except as

provided for in Section 11.2 of Rate Schedule WNS. Unless mutually agreed

otherwise, departures from the daily quantity which customer schedules for

deliveries to Texas Gas shall be kept to the minimum permitted by

operating conditions.


(c) Texas Gas will support a seven-days-a-week, twenty-four-hours-a-day

nomination process and will provide emergency and after-hours telephone

numbers on the Internet Website. Customer shall provide Texas Gas with

Customer's designated contact person and emergency and after hours

telephone numbers, updating such information as changes occur. Texas Gas

will not be liable to Customer if Customer's contact information is

outdated and Texas Gas' communication attempt(s) with such Customer are