Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/08/2010, Docket: RP10-366-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 2002 First Revised Sheet No. 2002

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 2002



Section 8



(e) Rate Schedule - Customer shall indicate the applicable Rate



(f) Rate - Customer shall provide its requested rate for evaluation.

The maximum rate will otherwise apply.


(g) Term of service -


(1) Customer shall provide the date service is requested to



(2) Customer shall provide the requested duration of service in

accordance with the applicable rate schedule.


(h) Customer Statements - Customer shall include statements which

provide that:

(1) Customer has title to the gas, or has the contractual right

to deliver, or cause to be delivered, such gas to Texas Gas

for transportation.

(2) Customer has entered into or will enter into those

arrangements necessary to assure all upstream and

downstream transportation will be in place prior to the

commencement of transportation through Texas Gas' system.


(i) Customer Type - Customer shall indicate whether it is a local

distribution company, an interstate pipeline, an intrastate

pipeline, an end-user, a producer or a marketer.


(j) Agency Agreement - If the transportation agreement is to be signed

with a party acting as agent for a principal, then a copy of the

Agency Agreement must be provided.


(k) Other Information - Customer shall provide such other information

as is required to comply with regulatory requirements.


8.3.2 Information for All Firm Services


(a) Gas quantities - Customer shall provide the Contract Demand stated

in MMBtus, which will represent Texas Gas' maximum daily quantities

to be provided under the applicable Rate Schedule. Customer shall

indicate if Customer is willing to accept a lesser quantity based

upon capacity availability or auction results. Customers requesting

service with Seasonal Quantities shall indicate the requested

quantity levels by season. Customers requesting service with

varying Contract Demand levels within the term of the firm agreement

shall indicate the requested quantities by time period.


(b) Maximum Quantity Obligation - For each Primary Point of Receipt and

Primary Point of Delivery, as specified below, the maximum quantity

obligation for each point shall be stated individually in MMBtus.

The sum of the maximum quantities stated for all Primary Delivery

Points cannot exceed the total Contract Demand.


(c) Primary Point(s) of Receipt - Customer shall provide the point(s)

of entry into Texas Gas' system where Customer desires capacity to

be reserved on a firm basis.


(d) Supply Lateral Capacity - To the extent Customer's Request for

Service includes capacity in Zones SL or 1, Customer shall indicate

whether it desires Supply Lateral Capacity and, if so, shall state

the capacity for each desired Supply Lateral in compliance with

Section 8.6.2 below.