Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1602 Original Sheet No. 1602 GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Section 4 (Cont'd) 4.9 If it is determined prior to, or as a result of, in-service tests, experience and observation by either Customer or Transporter that pulsations exist that affect the measurement accuracy, then Customer will cause the installation of mechanical dampening equipment, at Customer's expense, necessary to eliminate such pulsations in agreement with the transporter and/or operator. Any such error in billing meter chart recordings detectable by high speed oscilliographic analysis, fast rotation chart drives, or similar tests resulting in a volume computation error of greater than + .75 percent shall require that the otherwise computed volume be adjusted to compensate for the determined error. 4.10 If the method for determining the number of Btu's in a cubic foot of gas, as set forth by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) or successor agency is revised, both parties agree that this Agreement will be amended accordingly. 4.11 Check Measuring Equipment: Customer may install, maintain, and operate at its own expense, such check measuring equipment as it desires at or near the point of delivery, provided that such equipment shall be so installed as not to interfere with the operation of Transporter's measuring equipment. Transporter shall have access to such check measuring equipment at all reasonable hours, but the reading, calibrating, and adjusting thereof and the changing of charts shall be done only by Customer. 4.12 Meters for Rural and Special Industrial Customers: Customer will install, maintain, and operate at its own expense measuring stations where gas is delivered for resale to rural customers and where gas is delivered from Customer's facilities to special industrial customers. At such station, Customer shall furnish and install all meters, regulators, and other pertinent equipment necessary to measure and regulate the delivery of gas in a manner consistent with that specified for the measuring of Transporter's deliveries to Customer and with proper distribution practice. Unless otherwise specified in the rate schedules or service agreement, Customer shall read such meters as it has installed or owns and shall bear all ordinary operating expenses incurred in connection with such service. 4.13 Calibration and Test of Equipment: The accuracy of all measuring equipment shall be verified at reasonable intervals, but neither party shall be required to verify the accuracy of the equipment more frequently than once in any thirty (30) day period. If either party desires a special test of any measuring equipment, it will promptly notify the other party and the parties shall then cooperate to secure a prompt verification of the accuracy of such equipment. The expense of any such special test shall be borne by the party requesting such test.