Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/04/2010, Docket: RP10-360-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 1400 First Revised Sheet No. 1400

Superseding: Second Sub Original Sheet No. 1400



Section 2



2. Definition of Terms


Except where the context expressly states another meaning, the following terms, when used

in this tariff and in any service agreement thereunder, shall be construed to have the

following meanings:


The term "Adjusted Summer Quantity Entitlement" shall mean the sum of Customer's Summer

Quantity Entitlement plus a quantity equal to the unused portion of Customer's

Unnominated Seasonal Quantity remaining in storage at the end of the prior Winter Season.


The term "Btu" is the abbreviation employed to denote a British thermal unit.


The term "business day" shall mean Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Banking

Holidays for transactions in the U. S. and similar holidays for transactions occurring in

Canada and Mexico. A listing of such holidays shall be posted on the Internet Website by

December 15 for the following calendar year.


The term "Central Clock Time" (CCT), shall mean adjusting for Daylight Savings Time and

Standard Time (CT).


The term "Contract Demand" shall mean the maximum daily quantity of gas set forth in the

executed service agreement which Transporter shall be obligated to deliver to Customer

and which Customer shall be entitled to receive from Transporter. The "Contract Demand"

for firm services may be expressed on a seasonal basis as either the Winter, Summer or

Shoulder Month Contract Demand, as applicable.


The term "Corresponding Transportation Agreement" shall mean a transportation agreement

under Transporter's NNS, NNL, SGT, SGL, SNS, WNS, IT, FT, STF or TAPS Rate Schedules

which identifies a Pooling Point as a Point of Receipt and which provides for further

transportation and delivery downstream of the Pooling Point.


The term "Corresponding Transportation Customer" shall mean a customer transporting under

Transporter's NNS, NNL, SGT, SGL, SNS, WNS, IT, FT, STF or TAPS Rate Schedules nominating

gas receipts from a Pooling Receipt Point contained in its transportation service



The term "Customer" shall mean an entity having gas transported through Transporter's

pipeline system in accordance with the provisions of a Transportation Service Rate

Schedule in this tariff.