Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/04/2010, Docket: RP10-360-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 1200 First Revised Sheet No. 1200

Superseding: Substitute Original Sheet No. 1200







1. Availability


1.1 This rate schedule is available to any Delivery Point Operator (or its designated

agent) at any delivery point where:


a. Transportation service is being received from Texas Gas for any Customer(s)

under any rate schedule(s); and


b. The Delivery Point Operator has submitted a valid request for service

hereunder, has met the credit requirements of Section 5 of the General

Terms and Conditions and has executed an Hourly Overrun Transportation

Service Agreement for such delivery point.


2. Applicability and Character of Service


2.1 Pursuant to this rate schedule, a Delivery Point Operator may request Texas Gas to

allow hourly overruns in excess of the sum of the hourly flow rights under all

transportation service agreements delivering quantities to the subject delivery



2.2 To the extent Texas Gas is operationally able to provide such hourly overrun

service without adversely impacting firm or higher priority interruptible services

on its system, Texas Gas shall agree to and authorize such hourly overruns by

setting flow control at a quantity greater than otherwise permissible under the

transportation service agreement(s) delivering gas to the subject delivery point.


2.3 Hourly overrun service hereunder is completely interruptible at any time and is the

lowest priority service offered by Texas Gas.


2.4 Hourly overrun service hereunder shall not increase any Customer's daily

deliveries, but shall merely provide for additional hourly flexibility in the

delivery of those daily quantities.


3. Nomination and Scheduling of Daily Quantities Unchanged


3.1 Except for unnominated daily deliveries pursuant to Rate Schedules NNS, NNL, SGT,

SGL, SNS, and WNS, all daily quantities shall be nominated and scheduled in

accordance with the nomination deadlines provided in Section 12 of the General

Terms and Conditions of this tariff. Texas Gas, in its sole judgment, may waive

any nomination deadlines on a non-discriminatory basis. With respect to a

Delivery Point Operator's desired levels of hourly overrun service under this rate

schedule, the Delivery Point Operator shall provide adequate operational notice

(generally one to four hours) of the hourly flows desired, which hourly flows must

be confirmed by Texas Gas.