Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-000, Status: Superseded

Original Sheet No. 904 Original Sheet No. 904 RATE SCHEDULE ISS (cont'd)7. Winter Season Provisions During the Winter Season, Pipeline will deliver to Customer up to Customer's Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity and Customer's Maximum Seasonal Quantity as set forth below. 7.1 Customer will be required to nominate from storage into Pipeline's system a quantity of gas up to the Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity. 7.2 Seasonal Minimum & Maximum Withdrawal - No less than 68% of Customer's Maximum Seasonal Quantity shall be withdrawn each Winter Season if Customer has renewed its ISS service for the subsequent storage contract year. If ISS service has not been renewed, Customer will be required to withdraw 100% of its Seasonal Quantity such that its storage balance is zero before March 31 of the Storage Contract Year. 7.3 Customer electing not to renew their ISS service for the subsequent Storage Contract Year must withdraw any remaining volumes within 30 days or forfeit said volumes to pipeline. 7.4 Pipeline shall deliver to Customer gas for Customer's account only when Customer's storage inventory is greater than zero.8. Summer Season Provisions Pipeline shall receive from Customer during each Summer Season up to the Maximum Seasonal Quantity at daily rates not to exceed the Maximum Daily Injection Quantity. 8.1 Inventory verification tests will be conducted on a semiannual basis. These tests require the temporary suspension of individual storage field activities (injections and withdrawals) for a period of approximately two weeks. If conditions will not permit the full maximum daily injection or withdrawal quantity, Texas Gas may temporarily adjust the limit. Texas Gas will provide at least 45 days notice on its EBB with regard to the scheduling of these shut-in periods to allow customers to adjust for the interruption of storage. 8.2 To assist Pipeline's operational and maintenance scheduling through the Summer Season, Customer will notify Pipeline by March 15 of each year, with updates monthly, of the quantities it intends to inject monthly during the immediately upcoming Summer Season; such injection schedule provided by Customer is a best efforts estimate and may be revised as necessary. Pipeline will use its reasonable efforts to coordinate its test, maintenance, alteration and repair activities during such Summer Season to accommodate Customer's request. 8.3 If Customer desires Pipeline to store gas for Customer's account under this Rate Schedule, it shall give notice to Pipeline specifying the quantity of gas which Customer desires to be injected into storage under this Rate