Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/04/2010, Docket: RP10-360-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 656 Original Sheet No. 656


Rate Schedule WNS (cont'd)



12. Winter Season Provisions


During the Winter Season, Texas Gas will deliver to Customer up to Customer's Contract

Demand and Customer's Winter Quantity Entitlement-WNS as set forth below. Customer's

Contract Demand may vary each month of the five-month Winter Season; provided, however,

the Contract Demand in any month may not be zero and must be at least 50% of the

highest agreed Contract Demand quantity of any other month.


12.1 Customer may nominate into Texas Gas' system a quantity of gas up to Customer's

Nominated Daily Quantity-WNS.


12.2 In addition to the Nominated Daily Quantity-WNS actually scheduled by Customer,

Texas Gas will adjust deliveries from or injections into storage from

Customer's available Unnominated Daily Quantity to meet Customer's requirements

up to Customer's Contract Demand. Although a formal nomination is not required

to receive Customer's available Unnominated Daily Quantity-WNS, Customer shall

provide operational notice to Texas Gas of its anticipated needs.


12.3 Texas Gas shall maintain an account reflecting the net amount of Unnominated

Daily Quantity-WNS actually utilized by Customer, which net amount shall not

exceed the Maximum Unnominated Quantity-WNS. The initial balance in this

account shall be zero and the closing balance at the earlier of the end of the

Winter Season or the end of the Contract term, shall also be zero. Customer

shall maintain a positive account balance during the Winter Season to meet its

Unnominated Daily Quantity-WNS. To the extent operationally possible and

without impact on any other firm customer, Texas Gas may, upon request by

Customer and approval by Texas Gas, allow a Customer to withdraw more gas from

storage than is in its account; provided, however, that Texas Gas may give

notice requiring the Customer to return its account balance to zero within 24

hours. If the Customer fails to return its account balance consistent with

such notice, the Customer shall pay a penalty of up to $50 per MMBtu per day

for each MMBtu remaining out of balance.


12.4 During Winter Season, Texas Gas will also inject gas into storage on a best

efforts basis as part of WNS service. Although such injections will be done on

a best efforts basis, Texas Gas will be presumed, unless it gives notice to the

contrary, to be able to inject into storage such quantities of gas as to take

into account routine variations in no-notice deliveries. If Texas Gas is

unable to make such best efforts injections, it will advise Customer by posting

on its Internet Website. However, no presumption will exist for non-routine

situations (e.g. sustained injections of more than three days) and, in such

non-routine situations, Customer must give 24 hours advance written notice to

Texas Gas of quantities it desires to inject into storage, so that Texas Gas

can determine the extent to which it can make such injections and adjust its

operations accordingly.