Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 557 Original Sheet No. 557




Small Customer General Transportation Service

SGL-SL, SGL-1, SGL-2, SGL-3, and SGL-4

(Customers with SGL Winter Contract Demands of Less than 7,500 MMBtu/d and Total

Firm Contract Demands Not Exceeding 10,000 MMBtu/d)



10.4 Monthly Maximum Withdrawal: No more than 50% of Customer's Unnominated Seasonal

Quantity shall be withdrawn in any consecutive thirty (30) day period.


10.5 Seasonal Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal: No more than 105% of Customer's

Unnominated Seasonal Quantity shall be withdrawn by March 1 of the Winter

Season; provided further, that no less than 68% and no more than 100% of

Customer's Unnominated Seasonal Quantity shall be withdrawn by April 1 (the

end of the Winter Season).


10.6 Adjusted Unnominated Daily Quantity: As Customer's Unnominated Seasonal

Quantity is withdrawn, that portion of Customer's Unnominated Daily Quantity

available to Customer shall be adjusted. Customer's Adjusted Unnominated

Daily Quantity shall be equal to the greater of its average winter daily

unnominated quantity (i.e., the Customer's USQ divided by the total number of

Winter days the UDQ is available) or the applicable percentage of its

Unnominated Daily Quantity as set forth in the following table:


% USQ Withdrawn % UDQ Available

75% 90%

80% 85%

85% 80%

90% 75%


10.7 During the Winter Season, Texas Gas will also inject gas into storage on a best

efforts basis as part of SGL service. Although such injections will be done on a

best efforts basis, Texas Gas will be presumed, unless it gives notice to the

contrary, to be able to inject into storage such quantities of gas as to take into

account routine variations in no-notice deliveries. If Texas Gas is unable to

make such best efforts injections, it will advise Customer by posting on its

Internet Website. However, no presumption will exist for non-routine situations

(e.g. injections in excess of 15% of Customer's Winter Contract Demand or

sustained injections of more than five days) and, in such non-routine situations,

Customer must give 24 hours advance written notice to Texas Gas of quantities it

desires to inject into storage, so that Texas Gas can determine the extent to

which it can make such injections and adjust its operations accordingly.