Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/15/2008, Docket: RP08-392-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 459 Original Sheet No. 459




No-Notice Transportation Service

NNL-SL, NNL-1, NNL-2, NNL-3, and NNL-4



11. Summer Season Provisions


11.1 Texas Gas shall deliver to Customer at the city-gate during each Summer

Season up to the Customer's Summer Contract Demand and Adjusted Summer

Quantity Entitlement as nominated by Customer.


11.2 Pursuant to the provisions set forth below, Customer shall deliver to Texas

Gas during each Summer Season a quantity of gas equal to Customer's

Unnominated Seasonal Quantity or that portion of Customer's Unnominated

Seasonal Quantity actually utilized by Customer (including any in-field

transfers pursuant to Section 16.8(c) of the General Terms and Conditions of

this tariff) during the prior Winter Season (as well as any Shoulder Month

quantities delivered to Customer during the Summer Season). Customer shall

reserve and utilize such portion of its Summer Contract Demand as necessary

to deliver such volumes into storage.


11.3 Maximum Daily Injection Quantity:


To protect the storage formations and allow uniform filling of the storage

reservoirs, Customer will be required to adhere to certain injection limits

(calculated as a percentage of the Unnominated Seasonal Quantity), throughout

the summer injection period. During the Summer Season Customer may, on a

daily basis, inject according to the following table:


% of Unnominated Maximum Available

Seasonal Quantity Injection Rate

Injected (% of USQ)


0% - 65% 1.3%

65% - 90% 1.1%

>90% 0.6%


11.4 Inventory verification tests will be conducted on a semiannual basis. These tests

require the temporary suspension of individual storage field activities

(injections and withdrawals) for a period of approximately two (2) weeks. If

conditions will not permit the full maximum daily injection or withdrawal

quantity, Texas Gas may temporarily adjust the limit and allow make-up quantities

on succeeding days. Texas Gas will provide at least 45 days notice on its

Internet Website in regard to the scheduling of these shut-in periods to allow

Customers to adjust for the interruption of storage.