Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/09/2009, Docket: RP09-504-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 451 Third Revised Sheet No. 451

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 451





2. Applicability and Character of Service


2.1 The transportation service provided under this Rate Schedule is a firm service

being offered in compliance with 18 C.F.R. Section 284.8(a)(4) and shall be

performed under Subparts B or G of Part 284 of the Commission's regulations,

or any other applicable Commission Regulations governing such no-notice

transportation service.


2.2 The transportation service offered under this Rate Schedule is provided by

combining pipeline capacity and storage capacity into a single no-notice

service. Customer's seasonal Contract Demands are thus supplied by a

combination of Nominated (pipeline) and Unnominated (storage) Quantities as

more fully defined below and as set forth in Customer's NNL Service Agreement.


2.3 Service under this Rate Schedule is identical in all practical respects to service

under Rate Schedule NNS except that Customer shall provide its own Unnominated Gas

Quantities for storage component of no-notice service hereunder. Customer shall

not borrow any Unnominated Gas Quantities in-kind from Texas Gas except for those

limited quantities as provided in Sections 10.5 and 12.2 hereof.


2.4 As necessary to facilitate delivery of gas pursuant to this Rate Schedule and

Customer's NNL Service Agreement or to clear storage gas from storage at the

termination of Customer's NNL Service Agreement, Texas Gas will allow Customer to

nominate the Unnominated Daily Quantity in its NNL service to allow delivery from

its NNL storage account. Gas from an NNL storage account may only be nominated

for delivery to delivery point locations permitted by Customer's NNL Service

Agreement. Provided Texas Gas' prior consent is obtained, Customer may nominate

quantities of gas from storage in excess of the Unnominated Daily Quantity on any

day if such withdrawal and transportation of such gas can be accomplished by Texas

Gas without detriment to any other Customer under any of Texas Gas' storage and

transportation rate schedules (see Section 12 of the General Terms and Conditions

of Texas Gas' FERC Gas Tariff) and if such delivery from storage and

transportation is compatible to Texas Gas' system operation requirements. Subject

to the foregoing restrictions, Texas Gas' consent shall not be unreasonably



2.5 Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary in this Rate Schedule or Section 6.3

of the General Terms and Conditions of Texas Gas' FERC Gas Tariff, the parties may

agree at the time of contract execution that the Contract Demand will increase by

specified amounts at specific point in time.


2.6 Notwithstanding any other provision hereof, Customer shall be required to nominate

any Unnominated Daily Quantity at a primary delivery point where an Operational

Balancing Agreement is in effect.