Texas Gas Transmission, LLC

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP00-426-042, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 89 Original Sheet No. 89




Shipper Name: Southwestern Energy Services Company (Southwestern)

Contract No.: 27435

Rate Schedule: FT

Time Period(s): April 1, 2010, and continuing for a term of ten (10) years beginning on the date that the Contract Demand

increases to 240,000 MMBtu per day.


Quantity(ies): 80,000 MMBtu per day beginning April 1, 2010

160,000 MMBtu per day beginning April 1, 2011

240,000 MMBtu per day beginning April 1, 2012


Provided, however, the Contract Demand Schedule above shall be superseded and the Contract Demand shall be

240,000 MMBtu/day beginning the later of (a) April 1, 2010, or (b) the first day of the month after Texas

Gas has completed installation of compression facilities at Isola, MS.


Point(s): Eligible Primary Receipt Point(s): Lula-Mainline, Meter No. 9715

Eligible Primary Delivery Point(s): TETCO-Kosciusko, Meter No. 9560

Eligible Secondary Delivery Point(s): ANR-Burdette, Meter No. 9503

Columbia Gulf-Isola, Meter No. 9519

Trunkline-Burdette, meter No. 9504

Tennessee-Greenville, Meter No. 9500

Tennessee-Isola, Meter No. 9505

Sonat-Kosciusko, Meter No. 9559


Negotiated Rate(s): The rates set forth below will remain in effect for the term of this Agreement without regard to Texas Gas' maximum

or minimum applicable rates.


This Negotiated Rate Agreement shall in no event be construed as waiving any rights that Southwestern has under the

MFN Contract (defined below) or relieving Texas Gas of its obligations to Southwestern under the MFN Contract.


Demand Rate: $0.1350 per MMBtu


Commodity Rate: $0.0010 per MMBtu, plus applicable ACA surcharge


Overrun Rate using

Eligible Receipt and

Delivery Points: $0.1450 per MMBtu, plus applicable ACA surcharge


The Negotiated Overrun Rate is limited to total gas quantities of 15% of Customer's Firm Transportation Contract




*Continued on Sheet No. 89A