Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 09/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 23-019, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 627 Substitute Original Sheet No. 627 : Effective








(a) The right to determine the optimum operating conditions for

Transporter's System; and


(b) The right to be furnished, promptly by Shipper upon request of

Transporter, without cost to Transporter, or its Designee, records of

all tests and all records that are available to the Shipper relating

to the production from all wells connected to Transporter's System

insofar as such records are reasonably required for the purposes of

this Agreement. Shipper shall be under no obligation to retain said

records of tests and production records for a period longer than

three (3) years.


8.2 Access to Producing Facilities - Transporter, or its Designee, shall have access

to all producing facilities, platforms, and wells served by Transporter's system

at all reasonable times to examine the separation and metering equipment and all

other installations and equipment thereon utilized in connection with the

delivery of PTR volumes to Transporter's system; provided, however, that

Transporter shall indemnify, defend and hold Shipper harmless from any damages,

claims, or causes of action arising out of the negligence of Transporter, its

employees, representatives, agents, or Designee.


Transporter, or its Designee, shall notify Shipper of the name(s) of its

employee(s) designated to go to the production site and installations of Shipper

for the purposes set out herein. No other person shall be authorized to

accompany such designated representatives at the production site of Shipper

without the prior approval of Shipper's representative in charge of the

production site or installations. All such designated representatives shall be

instructed to give the person in charge of each production site or installation

advance notice of their arrival and shall be required to check in with the

person in charge upon arrival and comply with all safety rules and regulations

in effect for said production site or installation.


8.3 Workmanlike Conduct - Insofar as it has the right and responsibility to do so,

Transporter shall conduct system operations in a good and workmanlike manner as

would a prudent operator under the same or similar circumstances. Transporter

shall freely consult with Shipper and keep it informed of all matters which

Transporter, in the exercise of its best judgment, considers important for

system operations.