Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 08/01/1995, Docket: RP95-112-009, Status: Effective

Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 623 Substitute First Revised Sheet No. 623 : Effective

Superseding: Sub Orig Sheet No. 623







1.5 GAS - All hydrocarbons and other constituents in the gaseous state at the







2.1 TRANSPORTATION OF PTR - Shipper has reserved the right for itself to extract or

cause to be extracted Liquefiable Hydrocarbons and helium gas from the gas

delivered by Shipper to Transporter at the Point(s) of Receipt by means of

processing such gas at the Processing Plant as specified on Exhibit "A" (PTR

Point(s) of Delivery), and Transporter agrees to perform PTR transportation;

provided that Shipper or Shipper's agent shall have consummated the necessary

agreement with the plant owners for the gas to be processed prior to the

commencement of service hereunder. This right to process is subordinate to the

right of Transporter to operate its pipeline system in a manner which in

Transporter's sole judgment constitutes prudent and efficient pipeline

operation. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute a guarantee or

undertaking that any gas will reach any particular Gas Plant; provided that this

provision does not supersede or limit any obligations Transporter may have to

deliver gas at a particular Gas Plant(s) in accordance with any agreements

between Transporter and the owners of such Gas Plant(s). In the event a

commingled stream containing all or a portion of the gas physically delivered

to Transporter by Shipper is delivered out of Transporter's system before such

gas reaches a Gas Plant, the right of Shipper or Shipper's agent to process gas

shall apply only to an amount of gas calculated by subtracting from the amount

delivered to Transporter by Shipper (1) Shipper's proportionate share of gas

used as fuel by Transporter in transporting the stream to the plant and (2) an

amount calculated by multiplying the amount delivered by Shipper by a fraction

the numerator of which is the amount (as measured each month) Transporter

delivers out of its system at each point upstream of the Gas Plant(s) and the

denominator of which is the total amount (as measured each month and reported

on the plant statement of the Gas Plant which Shipper shall furnish to in a

timely manner) delivered into Transporter's system upstream of each such Gas



2.2 If Shipper can prove, to Transporter's satisfaction, that the actual quantity

of Liquefiable Hydrocarbons and helium gas attributable to Shipper is greater

than the quantity calculated using the above formula, then the proven quantity

shall be used for purposes of this Agreement.