Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 03/05/2009, Docket: RP09-339-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 405F Original Sheet No. 405F





5.11 Interim Capacity


If Transporter agrees to a later start date for firm service pursuant to Section

5.10 and Transporter enters into a firm service agreement pursuant to this

Section 5 for service one year or more in the future, then Transporter may sell

the capacity for the interim period prior to the commencement date of the future

service agreement ("interim capacity") without right of first refusal, subject

to the following conditions:


(a) The future capacity must have been sold through an open season bidding

process permitting bids for capacity for service to start immediately or

anytime in the future;


(b) The bids must have been evaluated on a net present value basis; and


(c) The future capacity must have been awarded to the Shipper providing the

highest net present value bid.


Any interim capacity as described in this Section 5.11 shall be made available

for transportation service pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions on a

limited-term basis up to the commencement date of the future service agreement.

For such limited-term service agreements, Transporter reserves the right to

limit any extension rights provided in the service agreement and pursuant to

Article III, Section 10.4 commensurate with the commencement date of the future

service agreement. Transporter will indicate in any open season posting of the

interim capacity any limitations on extension rights that will apply to such

limited-term transportation service.