Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 03/01/2008, Docket: RP04- 99-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 361B Original Sheet No. 361B : Effective






6. Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Operational Flow Orders (HDP OFO):


6.1 Transporter shall impose a Hydrocarbon Dewpoint limitation below the

Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Safe Harbor (by issuing an HDP OFO) at a receipt point

or Monitoring Point if Transporter determines that such HDP OFO is necessary

to avoid an event that threatens the operational integrity of Transporter's



6.2 Issuance of an HDP OFO: An HDP OFO will be noticed in accord with the

procedures set forth in this Article VIII, Section 2.3 and will be issued a

minimum of eight hours prior to the required action.


6.3 Notwithstanding the above, an HDP OFO that reduces Transporter's Hydrocarbon

Dewpoint Safe Harbor shall be applied in a manner consistent with the

procedures set forth in Article II, Section 3.1(a).


6.4 With respect to an HDP OFO that sets a Hydrocarbon Dewpoint limit below

Transporter's Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Safe Harbor, Transporter shall post on

PASSKEY within three Business Days a notice identifying the operational

event giving rise to the HDP OFO with specificity, identifying the point(s)

where the operational event threatened Transporter's operational integrity,

identifying specific points upstream of the operational event and HDP

Segments of Transporter's System affected by the HDP OFO. Transporter shall

update this information as updates become available.


6.5 Failure to comply with an HDP OFO: An OFO Recipient must comply with an HDP

OFO within the time period set forth in the HDP OFO Notice. An OFO Recipient

shall notify Transporter immediately if it believes that it is excused from

compliance with the HDP OFO, and shall provide Transporter with

documentation sufficient to support its basis for non-compliance. Failure of

an OFO Recipient to comply with an HDP OFO or provide Transporter with

support for non-compliance may subject an OFO Recipient to a charge equal to

$15.00 plus the applicable Regional Daily Spot Price for each dekatherm of

gas it delivers to Transporter that deviates from the requirements of an HDP



6.6 Unilateral Action: In the event (a) of non-response to an HDP OFO, or (b)

the actions taken thereunder are insufficient to correct the HDP Problem for

which it was issued, or (c) there is insufficient time to carry out the

procedures with respect to an HDP OFO, Transporter may take unilateral

action, including curtailment of pipeline services in accordance with these

General Terms and Conditions, to maintain the operational integrity of

Transporter's system (or any portion thereof). For purposes of this

section, the operational integrity of Transporter's system shall encompass

the preservation of physical assets and their performance and the ability to

provide services at contracted levels.