Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 02/26/2009, Docket: RP09-282-003, Status: Effective

2nd Sub Fourth Revised Sheet No. 342 2nd Sub Fourth Revised Sheet No. 342

Superseding: Substitute Fourth Revised Sheet No. 342





12.2 Replacement Shipper's Request for Assignment


A Shipper that desires to acquire rights to certain firm storage service

may post on PASSKEY, in accord with Section 12.4(c), a Replacement

Shipper Request which shall contain the following information.


(a) Replacement Shipper's name;


(b) the maximum storage quantity desired if applicable;


(c) the daily injection/deliverability rights desired, if applicable;


(d) the desired service commencement date and term of service;


(e) the desired FS Service Point;


(f) the maximum rate(s) Replacement Shipper will pay for the desired

storage service; provided, however, the rate(s) paid for a

release of capacity for more than one (1) year may not exceed the

applicable maximum rate(s).


12.3 Releases Permitted without Prior Posting and Bidding Requirements


A Releasing Shipper may release some or all of its storage rights without

the posting and bidding requirements described in Section 12.1 if its

proposed release qualifies under this Section 12.3:


(a) Short-Term Release: The release is for any period of 31 days or

less provided that:


(i) the Releasing Shipper provides Transporter with the

information specified in Section 12.1(a)-(f)(g), (j) and

(k) with respect to the Short-Term Release prior to the

commencement of service;


(ii) prior to the commencement of service, the short-term

Replacement Shipper enters into a Storage Service

Agreement with Transporter (1) incorporating the

information required by Section 12.3(a)(i) and (2)

establishing creditworthiness in accord with the same

standards and procedures as are provided for Bidders in

Section 12.5(a); and


(iii) a re-release to the same Replacement Shipper under this

Section 12.3(a) may not commence until 28 days after the

first release period has ended.