Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 02/26/2009, Docket: RP09-282-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 340 Third Revised Sheet No. 340

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 340





12. Releases or Assignments of Firm Storage Service - A Shipper (herein referred to

as a "Releasing Shipper") under Rate Schedule FS may notify Transporter that

Releasing Shipper desires to be relieved of all or a portion of its Maximum

Storage Quantity or its injection/deliverability rights as set forth in its then

effective Service Agreement. A permanent assignment shall transfer all rights

and obligations of the Releasing Shipper's service agreement, including extension

and right of first refusal privileges.


12.1 Releasing Shipper's Request for Assignment


A Releasing Shipper that desires to release its rights to firm storage

service in a manner which does not qualify for an exemption to posting

pursuant to Section 12.3, shall post on PASSKEY a Release Request in the

form set forth in this Tariff containing the following information set

forth below. If Releasing Shipper desires to establish a minimum rate for

acceptable bids, then Releasing Shipper shall either include such minimum

rate in its Release Request or include in its Release Request a statement

that the minimum rate has been provided to Transporter. If Releasing

Shipper elects to provide the minimum rate solely to Transporter, the

Transporter shall not reveal such rate until after the awarding of the

subject capacity and the execution of a service agreement between

Transporter and Replacement Shipper. At such time Transporter will post

the minimum rate under the release on PASSKEY.


(a) Releasing Shipper's name and Storage Service Agreement number;


(b) the maximum storage quantity (MSQ) to be released (including any

minimum acceptable MSQ);


(c) the injection/deliverability rights to be released (MDWQ);


(d) the proposed commencement date and term of the release;


(e) the FS Service Point for the released storage service;


(f) the reservation and usage rate(s), as applicable, and all other

applicable rate(s), charges and surcharges for the released

service; provided, however, the rate(s) charged for a release of

capacity for more than one (1) year may not exceed the applicable

maximum rate(s);


(g) whether the storage rights are to be subject to recall or reput in

accord with Section 12.11(d), and if so, the specific conditions

for recall or reput of the capacity;


(h) whether contingent bids will be accepted for evaluation and, if

so, whether the contingency can extend beyond the Bidding Period;

if the contingency may extend beyond the Bidding Period, whether,

and for what time period, will the next highest bidder be

obligated to acquire the capacity should the winning contingent

bidder exercise its option not to take the capacity;