Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 09/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 23-012, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 322 Original Sheet No. 322 : Effective







receipt point are in excess of the capacity available at that point,

the capacity will be allocated on a pro rata basis, in proportion to

the Shippers' requests; provided that any capacity previously

reserved at that point will not be effected.


(b) Election of Primary Receipt Points -- No later than 130 days after

the date of Transporter's initial compliance filing in Docket No.

RS92-23, Shippers converting from Rate Schedules CD, GS or G to Rate

Schedule FT-A shall submit to Transporter the Primary Receipt Points

desired for their conversions. No later than 30 days after receipt

of these elections, Transporter shall inform such Shippers as to

which primary point reservations have been accepted in full, which

have been accepted pro rata, and which have been rejected due to lack

of capacity. Transporter will afford Shippers an opportunity to

revise elections for Primary Receipt Points which cannot be granted

due to lack of capacity at such point(s). This process shall be

reiterated as necessary for Shippers to achieve acceptable Primary

Receipt Point capacity to the extent of their conversions. Provided,

however, that any election of Primary Receipt Point capacity

hereunder will in no manner effect previous reservations of such

capacity by Shippers on Transporter's system.


10.3 Availability of Storage Capacity - Upon the effective date of the

Compliance Filing in Docket No. RS92-23, available storage capacity on

Transporter's pipeline system will be made available to Shipper's which

convert from firm sales to firm transportation in accordance with the

allocations and procedures established in that Docket.


Storage capacity will be made available directly to each such converting

Shipper or, at each Shipper's direction, to a designated supplier, or the

customers of an interstate pipeline shipper (or such customers' designated

suppliers). To the extent that available storage service is not elected

by a newly converting Shipper, the capacity will be offered first to other

converting shippers and second to all firm transportation Shippers pro

rata based upon the Shippers' MDQs.