Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 09/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 23-012, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 303 Original Sheet No. 303 : Effective






10. The term "total heating value", when applied to a cubic foot of gas, means the

number of British thermal units produced by the complete combustion with air,

at a constant pressure, of one anhydrous (dry) cubic foot of gas at a pressure

of 14.73 psia and a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit when the products of

combustion are cooled to the initial temperature of the gas and air, and when

the water formed by combustion is condensed to the liquid state, as determined

under Section 1 of Article II.


11. The term "load factor" for any given period of time shall mean the percentage

obtained by dividing the amount of the actual or imputed average daily Dth

delivery of gas during said period by the maximum daily delivery obligation of



12. The term "scheduled quantity" shall mean the quantity of natural gas that (a)

Shipper nominates for receipt at a receipt point (including fuel) or the

quantity that Transporter redelivers to Shipper at a delivery point, and that

(b) the operator of the connecting facilities confirms, and that (c) Transporter

schedules for receipt or delivery.


13. The term "transportation service" shall include transportation, exchange, or

backhaul service.


14. The term "long term firm service agreement" shall mean a firm transportation

agreement with a term of one year or more.


15. The term "equivalent quantity" unless otherwise stated in the transportation

contract shall mean that during any given period of time the thermal quantities

of gas delivered at the Point(s) of Delivery shall be the thermal equivalent of

the quantities of gas received at the Point(s) of Receipt for transportation

less thermal quantities of gas for Transporter's system fuel and use

requirements and gas lost and unaccounted for associated with the transportation

service; provided that the equivalent quantity shall not include any plant

thermal reduction (PTR) unless the gas to be transported is not subject to a

separate PTR Transportation Agreement.


16. The term "plant thermal reduction" (PTR) shall mean the combined loss in volume

and Btu's attributable to processing including, but not limited to, plant fuel,

shrinkage and flare.


17. The term "summer" shall mean the period commencing April 1 and ending October



18. The term "winter" shall mean the period commencing November 1 and ending March