Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 03/29/2010, Docket: RP10-415-000, Status: Effective

Fifteenth Revised Sheet No. 301 Fifteenth Revised Sheet No. 301

Superseding: Fourteenth Revised Sheet No. 301




Index to Provisions





No. Provisions Sheet No.


I Definition of Terms 302

II Quality 305A

III Measurement & Scheduling of Receipts & Deliveries 309

IV Measuring Equipment 353

V Invoicing 355

VI Payments 356

VII Possession of Gas 357

VIII Pressure of Gas Delivery And Operational Flow Orders:

Action Alerts, Critical Days and Balancing Alerts 357

IX Warranty of Title to Gas 362

X Excuse of Performance 362

XI Notices 364

XII Modification 364

XIII Nonwaiver & Future Default 365

XIV Schedules & Contract Subject to Regulation and Change 365

XV Operating Information & Estimates 365

XVI Change in Rate Schedules 365

XVII Construction of Receipt and Delivery Facilities 366

XVIII Rate Zone Boundaries and Incremental Laterals 366

XIX Off-System Capacity 368

XX Reserved for Future Use 369

XXI Research, Development & Demonstration Rate Adjustment 382

XXII Gas Research Institute Voluntary Contribution Program 384

XXIII FERC Annual Charge Adjustment 385

XXIV Reserved for Future Use 387

XXV Reserved for Future Use 390

XXVI Reserved for Future Use 395

XXVII Information and Communications Regarding Services 399

XXVIII Requests for Services 401

XXIX Discounting Policy 406

XXX Periodic Reports 406

XXXI Gathering Affiliate Access 406A

XXXII Incorporation in Rate Schedules & Gas Service Contracts 406A

XXXIII Waiver of Tariff Provisions 406B

XXXIV PCB Adjustment 407

XXXV Reserved for Future Use 412

XXXVI North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) Standards 412

XXXVII Non-Conforming Agreements 412

XXXVIII Penalty Crediting 415