Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 11/03/2001, Docket: RP02- 17-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 243 First Revised Sheet No. 243 : Effective









4.1 Primary Receipt Points: Subject to the availability of capacity,

Transporter shall receive from Shipper, or for the account of Shipper,

at those point(s) on the Incremental Lateral identified in the FT-IL

Service Agreement between Shipper and Transporter for transportation of

daily quantities of gas. Transporter shall not be required under any

circumstances to receive gas at any Receipt Point where the total

quantity of gas for transportation scheduled for receipt on any day is

less than that required for the accurate measurement of quantities to be



4.2 Secondary Receipt Points: All receipt points on the lateral identified

in Shipper's FT-IL Service Agreement shall be available as Secondary

Receipt Points up to the maximum daily quantity that is applicable to the

Primary Receipt Points in Shipper's Transportation Path.


4.3 Primary Delivery Points: Subject to availability of capacity any delivery

point on the Incremental Lateral identified in Shipper's FT-IL Service

Agreement that is covered by a Balancing Agreement ("eligible delivery

point") shall be eligible to be designated in Shipper's FT-IL Service

Agreement as a Primary Delivery Point for gas transported by Transporter

under this Rate Schedule.


4.4 Secondary Delivery Points: A Shipper under this rate schedule may use

as a Secondary Delivery Point any eligible delivery point on the

Incremental Lateral identified in Shipper's FT-IL Service Agreement

which is within the Transportation Path.


4.5 Contract Quantities at Delivery Points: The sum of the maximum daily

delivery quantities applicable to all of a Shipper's Primary Delivery

Points may not exceed the maximum daily quantity under the Shipper's FT-

IL Service Agreement.


4.6 Change of Primary Points: Subject to agreement by Transporter, a Shipper

may elect to substitute new points for the Primary Delivery or Receipt

Points in its FT-IL Service Agreement provided that all such points are

on the Incremental Lateral. All such changes shall be pursuant to the

open season provisions as reflected in Article XXVIII of the General

Terms and Conditions. Transporter shall not be required to accept an

amendment if there is inadequate capacity available to render the new

service or if the change would reduce the reservation charges applicable

to the agreement.


4.7 Pressures: Shipper shall deliver gas to Transporter at the pressure

required from time to time to enable the gas to enter Transporter's

facilities at the Receipt Point(s). Transporter shall deliver gas to

Shipper or Shipper's designee at Transporter's line pressure existing

at the Delivery Point(s).


4.8 Uniform Quantities: As nearly as practicable, Shipper shall deliver

and receive gas in uniform hourly quantities during any day. Subject

to Transporter's operating conditions, during any given day Transporter

will allow Shipper to deliver or receive gas at an hourly rate that may

exceed 1/24th of Shipper's scheduled quantities.