Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 11/01/2009, Docket: RP09-194-000, Status: Effective

1st Rev. Second Revised Sheet No. 158 1st Rev. Second Revised Sheet No. 158

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 158






Upon receipt of such notice, (i) Shipper's Transportation Contract will

then be amended to reduce the maximum daily delivery quantity at that

Primary Receipt Point to an amount equal to 10/3 of the average daily

deliveries at such point for such twelve calendar month period and (ii)

Transporter shall post on PASSKEY the availability of that point for

Primary Receipt Point designations. Shipper will be able to designate a

replacement Primary Receipt Point on the same Supply Leg.


4.2 Secondary Receipt Points: All receipt points on Transporter's system

within Shipper's Transportation Path shall be available as Secondary

Receipt Points up to the maximum daily quantity that is applicable to the

Primary Receipt Points in Shipper's Transportation Path.


4.3 Primary Delivery Points: Subject to availability of capacity any delivery

point on Transporter's system, including Pooling Area Points, that is

covered by a Balancing Agreement ("eligible delivery point") shall be

eligible for designation in Shipper's transportation agreement as a

Primary Delivery Point for gas transported by Transporter under this Rate



4.4 Secondary Delivery Points: A Shipper under this rate schedule may use as

a Secondary Delivery Point any eligible delivery point on Transporter's

system which is within the Transportation Path.


4.5 Contract Quantities at Delivery Points: Except as allowed by Section

4.6, the sum of the maximum daily delivery quantities applicable to all

of a Shipper's Primary Delivery Points may not exceed the maximum daily

quantity under the Shipper's Transportation Agreement.


4.6 Grandfathered Delivery Point Capacity: A Shipper which was receiving

firm sales or transportation service on the day prior to the effective

date of Fifth Revised Vol. No. 1 of this tariff may transfer to a new

agreement the delivery point capacity and delivery point pressures stated

in its former firm sales or transportation service agreement; the Shipper

shall be allowed to divide that stated capacity among one or more new

agreements so that the total aggregate delivery point capacity is



4.7 Change of Primary Points: Subject to agreement by Transporter, a Shipper

may elect to substitute new points for the Primary Delivery or Receipt

Points in its service agreement. Such changes may be affected by prior

notice to Transporter of 30 days if in writing or 15 days if by PASSKEY.

All such changes must be reflected in an amended service agreement and

shall be effective at the commencement of the following month.

Transporter shall not be required to accept an amendment if there is

inadequate capacity available to render the new service or if the change

would reduce the reservation charges applicable to the agreement.