Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 03/01/1997, Docket: RP95-112-021, Status: Effective

Sub First Revised Sheet No. 129A Sub First Revised Sheet No. 129A : Effective

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 129A






operated by Transporter; and (b) the maximum aggregate quantity of gas any

operators of third party storage are willing to tender on a daily basis to

Shipper, to the extent that any transportation service hereunder is provided

to Shipper in connection with the withdrawal of quantities from third party



6.2 On any day of any Winter Season during the term of the Transportation

Contract, Shipper may nominate and tender to Transporter, and Transporter

shall receive at the Receipt Points and deliver to the Delivery Points for

Shipper's account, an Equivalent Quantity of natural gas up to Shipper's

Maximum Daily Elected Quantity, plus Shipper's Fuel and Losses quantity,

until Transporter has delivered an aggregate quantity during such Winter

Season equal to the applicable Winter Quantity, plus Shipper's aggregate

Fuel and Losses quantity, established prior to the beginning of the

applicable Winter Season pursuant to Section 6.1 above. Subject to the

provisions of this Rate Schedule, Transporter shall transport and deliver

for Shipper's account such daily quantities tendered up to Shipper's Maximum

Daily Elected Quantity.


6.3 In the event that on any day Transporter fails to schedule all of Shipper's

quantities nominated for day, or to deliver all of Shipper's quantities

scheduled for such day, due to Transporter's curtailment of service then

Transporter shall at Shipper's option either: (a) credit any amount prepaid

by Shipper for service hereunder by an amount equal to (i) the applicable

Rate as specified in Section 4.1, multiplied by (ii) the aggregate quantity

of gas which was nominated but not scheduled and/or scheduled but not

delivered due to Transporter's curtailment of service during such month; or

(b) make available to Shipper such aggregate quantities of gas as an

increment to the original nominated quantities, by (i) averaging such

aggregate quantities over the remaining term of the seasonal nomination for

the applicable Winter Season, and (ii) increasing Shipper's remaining

monthly nomination accordingly. Shipper shall notify Transporter in writing

of Shipper's election of either option 6.3(a) or 6.3(b) above no later than

15 days following the end of the relevant month. If notice of such election

is not timely, then Shipper shall be deemed to have elected option 6.3(b).




Shipper shall provide Transporter with such information as is needed to meet the

requirements placed on Transporter pursuant to 18 CFR Part 284. The General Terms

and conditions set forth in Volume No. 1 of Transporter's effective FERC Gas

Tariff are incorporated as part of this Rate Schedule.