Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 08/01/1995, Docket: RP95-112-009, Status: Effective

Second Sub First Revised Sheet No. 105 Second Sub First Revised Sheet No. 105 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 105





3.9 Transporter is free to contract at any time with other parties for new

storage service (whether firm or interruptible) without liability for any

resulting interruption or reduction of service hereunder. Shipper

indemnifies and holds Transporter harmless from and against any and all

losses, damages, or expenses of every kind and character which Transporter

or Shipper may suffer, sustain or be liable for as the result of any

interruption or reduction of service pursuant to this Rate Schedule IS.




4.1 Maximum Storage Quantity (MSQ) is the maximum quantity of storage gas the

Shipper is permitted to have in storage at any time as specified in the

executed Service Agreement.


4.2 Storage Inventory is the quantity of gas in storage at any time under the

Rate Schedule IS for the Shipper's account.


4.3 IS Service Point will be Transporter's compressor station 40,

Transporter's main line valve 121, or Transporter's compressor station

313, as specified in the Service Agreement for Rate Schedule IS.




5.1 Unless otherwise interrupted, for any day during which Shipper wishes to

inject gas under this rate schedule, Shipper must nominate to Transporter

the quantity of gas to be injected into storage at the IS Service Point in

the Service Agreement. Under no circumstances can this quantity exceed the

amount scheduled for delivery under the Shipper's transportation

agreements to the selected IS Service Point. Any injections or transfers

of gas to a Storage Account under this Rate Schedule shall be counted as

Shipper's daily balance for a period of no less than one day.


5.2 From time to time, Transporter may request that the Shipper provide an

estimate of monthly injections for the upcoming month. Such estimates

must be provided in writing by the 15th day following Transporter's



5.3 In the event that Transporter determines that IS injection nominations at

a given IS Service Point on any day exceed Transporter's capability to

provide such service, service will be scheduled/interrupted in accordance

with section 7 below.