Central Kentucky Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/01/2006, Docket: CP05- 48-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 223 Original Sheet No. 223 : Effective





(l) Instrumentation and equipment to provide Records or samples

of gas necessary to determine the specific gravity, heating value, and/or

concentrations of nitrogen or carbon dioxide as required under Sections

26.6, 26.7 and 26.8 hereof may be installed at representative points along

the pipeline in lieu of installing such instrumentation and equipment at

each measuring station.


(m) Upon notice to Interconnecting Party, Transporter may

prospectively implement and use any future editions or versions of the

American Gas Association or ANSI reports referenced in this Section 26.


26.10 Check Measuring Equipment.


(a) Interconnecting Party may install check measurement

equipment, provided such equipment does not interfere with the exercise of

Transporter's rights to operate its station under this Tariff.


(b) Transporter, in the presence of Interconnecting Party,

shall have access to Interconnecting Party's check measuring equipment at

all reasonable times, but the reading, calibration and adjustment thereof

and the change of charts shall be performed only by the Interconnecting

Party, unless otherwise agreed upon.


(c) Interconnecting Party shall exercise reasonable care in the

installation, maintenance and operation of its equipment so as to avoid any

inaccuracy in the determination of the quantity of gas delivered.



(d) The Records from such check measuring equipment shall

remain the property of the Interconnecting Party, but upon request the

Interconnecting Party will submit to Transporter its Records and charts,

together with calculations therefrom, for inspection, subject to return

within 30 days after receipt thereof.


26.11 Calibration and Testing of Meters. The accuracy of all measuring

equipment shall be verified by its operator at reasonable intervals and,

if requested, in the presence of representatives of the other party,

but neither Transporter nor Interconnecting Party shall be required to

perform a special test to verify the accuracy of such equipment more

frequently than once in any 30-day period. If either party at any time

desires a special test of any measuring equipment, or if either party at any

time observes an error in any such measuring equipment, it will promptly

notify the other party, and the parties shall then cooperate to secure a

prompt verification of the accuracy of such equipment. The expense of any

such special test shall be borne by the requesting party if the measurement

equipment so tested is found not to be in error such that previous

Recordings from the equipment must be corrected under the provisions of

Section 26.12 herein.