Central Kentucky Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 05/01/2006, Docket: CP05- 48-002, Status: Effective

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6.5 Monitoring.


(a) Transporter may monitor: (i) the daily tenders of gas by or on

behalf of any Shipper; (ii) the quantities delivered by an Intermediate

Transporter (such as a local distribution company or other entity that

receives Shipper's gas from Transporter) to Shipper or Shipper's end-

user(s); and (iii) the daily usage of gas by Shipper or Shipper's end-

user(s). Transporter may do so for the purpose of monitoring on an hourly,

daily, weekly, or monthly basis the quantities being tendered to and

delivered by Transporter and thereby to maintain, as nearly as possible, a

concurrent balance between receipts and deliveries of gas. The approximate

quantities determined by Transporter in that monitoring process shall be

referred to herein as Monitored Quantities.


(b) Monitoring may be performed by Transporter using either the

estimates or actual data received by Transporter pursuant to this Section

or actual meter readings by Transporter. Transporter may make reasonable

prospective adjustments to Shipper's Scheduled Daily Delivery Quantity and

Scheduled Daily Receipt Quantity based upon either the Monitored Quantities

or the actual data received by Transporter pursuant to the provisions of

this Section. Any such adjustments by Transporter shall not result in

Shipper's incurrence of any penalty if Transporter, in making such

adjustment, relied upon inaccurate estimates, inaccurate meter readings, or

inaccurate data received by Transporter pursuant to this Section.