Steuben Gas Storage Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-177-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 141 First Revised Sheet No. 141 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 141





6.14 Improvements in Gas Measuring Techniques: If at any time

during the term hereof, a new method or technique is developed

with respect to gas measurement or the determination of the

factors used in such gas measurement, such new method or

technique may be substituted upon mutual agreement of Seller

and Transporter on Customer's behalf.


6.15 In accordance with the provisions of Sections 6.7 to 6.12 of

the General Terms and Conditions, Seller will use the best

information available to close its allocation of quantities

for a service Month. For the purposes of Sections 6.7 to 6.12,

"close" shall mean five (5) Business Days after the applicable

service Month. To the extent that adjustments are made after

the date of such close such adjustments ("Prior Period

Adjustments" or "PPA") shall be treated under this Section

6.15. If the PPA are due to the correction of measurement data

or reallocation of volumes, such adjustments should be

processed within six (6) Months of the applicable service

Month. If the affected party disputes the as-adjusted

quantity it is entitled to rebut the basis for the PPA, but

only if it does so within three (3) Months of the processing

of the as-adjusted quantity. Notwithstanding the above

specified deadlines for processing/rebutting PPA, such

deadlines shall not apply in the case of deliberate omission

or misrepresentation or mutual mistake or fact. Parties'

other statutory or contractual rights shall not be diminished

by this standard.




7.1 Definition: The term "gas", as used herein, shall mean

natural gas as produced in its natural state, natural gas that

has been previously liquefied and restored to its gaseous

state prior to delivery, gas synthesized or manufactured from

oil, naphtha, coal or any other material that meets the

quality standards contained in this Agreement and which

Customer or Seller may elect to deliver and redeliver in lieu

of or commingled with one or more of the types of gas

described herein.