Southwest Gas Storage Company

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Effective Date: 06/07/1991, Docket: CP90-1014-005, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 61 First Revised Sheet No. 61 : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 61





(b) Buyer's Designee


Buyer may change the person designated to provide the

notification as set forth in the Storage Service

Agreement. If Buyer designates another person to

provide this information, Seller shall be entitled to

rely on the scheduling previously provided by Buyer

unless and until Seller receives written notice to the



6.5 Requests for Storage


(a) Persons desiring storage service must first deliver

a written, properly executed Request for Storage to

Seller at the following address:


Southwest Gas Storage Company

Attn: Marketing Administration

P. O. Box 1642

Houston, Texas 77251-1642

(713) 627-4765


(b) The specific information required from a Buyer for

a valid Request for storage service provided

hereunder shall include, at a minimum, the

following information in writing:


(1) Maximum Annual Quantity (MAQ) expressed in



(2) Maximum Daily Injection Quantity (MIQ) and

Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity (MWQ);


(3) The date on which service is requested to



(4) The date on which service is requested to



(5) The complete legal name and legal description

of Buyer;


(6) The type of entity represented by Buyer (ie.

LDC, Intrastate, Interstate, End User,

Marketer, Producer, or other);