Southern Natural Gas Company

Original Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 02/03/1991, Docket: RP91- 69-000, Status: Effective

First Sub. Thirteenth Rev. Sheet No. 720 First Sub. Thirteenth Rev. Sheet No. 720 : Effective

Superseding: Twelfth Revised Sheet No. 720

RATE SCHEDULE X-66 (Continued)


that Transco shall have the right but not the obligation at its sole cost and

expense, to install and operate any compression facilities required to effect

receipt of such gas at the Point of Redelivery.




1. Commencing with the effective date hereof and unless and until changed

as hereinafter provided in this Article VI, Transco agrees to pay to Southern

for the transportation of the MMBTU redelivery quantity hereunder fifty-nine

(59.0) cents for each MMBTU redelivered by Southern to Transco at the Point of

Redelivery. 1/

2. The charges hereinabove provided shall be subject to increase or

decrease pursuant to any Order issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory

Commission (the FERC), or any other governmental agency having jurisdiction, in

any rate proceeding initiated by, or applicable to, Southern. Transco agrees

that Southern shall, at all times during the term hereof, have the right to

effect changes in such charges by seeking authorization from duly constituted

regulatory authorities for any such adjustments as may be needed to assure

Southern that it will receive just and reasonable compensation for the services

performed hereunder for Transco. Nothing herein contained shall prejudice the

rights of Transco to contest at any time changes to the charges set forth above

with regard to the services rendered hereunder by Southern.

3. In addition to the amounts otherwise due pursuant to this Article VI.,

Transco shall, to the extent such amounts are not included in the charges

hereinabove provided, pay or reimburse Southern for the full amount of any

present or future tax or assessment levied upon Southern with respect to the

receipt, transportation and redelivery of gas for Transco hereunder, excluding,

however, ad valorem or similar taxes now or hereafter levied upon the physical

facilities of Southern utilized to receive, transport and redeliver gas for

Transco as herein provided.




This agreement shall be in full force and effect as of the date first

hereinabove written, and, subject to Paragraph 3., Article XIV., hereof shall

remain in full force and effect for a primary term of five (5) years from the

effective date hereof and shall extend thereafter unless and until terminated

by either party hereto giving prior written notice to the other party of not

less than ninety (90) days, which termination may be made effective at the end

of said primary term or at the end of any ninety (90) day period.



1/ Revised Charge: Winter 27.7› Summer 16.7›


Plus the ACA unit charge and the volumetric Take-or-Pay surcharge which

are set forth in Sections 21 and 22, respectively, of Southern's FERC Gas

Tariff, Sixth Revised Volume Number 1.